How To Open iPhone Camera Quickly

How To Open iPhone Camera Quickly – Now you won’t miss any beautiful moment. Today we are going to talk about, How you can open your iPhone camera quickly. so there’s no need for waiting to unlock your iPhone then start the camera app. now just simply swipe away on the lock screen. want to know how to do it follow this article.

Open iPhone Camera Quickly


The best way to open an iPhone camera quickly is to take your iPhone in your hand and unlock it through face id then just swipe left. hurry you just open your camera app quickly. if you failed to open the camera app this might happen because of your notifications. so if you see notifications after unlocking your iPhone by face id then long-press and swipe left. 

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How to open iPhone Camera from Lock Screen

Access features and information from the Lock Screen

  • To Open Camera: Swipe left
  • To Open Control Center: Swipe down from the top-right corner (on an iPhone with Face ID) or swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen (on other iPhone models)
  • Want to See your earlier notifications: Swipe up from the center.
  • To see widgets: Swipe right.

3 Quick Ways To Open The iPhone Camera App

Today we are going to show three simple, and quick ways to open the camera app with your iPhone. now, this might seem like a really simple, thing like who doesn’t know how to open the camera app. but it’s actually really important, that you know how to do this quickly.

Because what salts and Yonex happen, is that you are going to see some really unique or beautiful moments right in front of your eyes. up in these moments only last first-foot second, so if you can quickly open the camera app right there. and right then that is going to actually help you take a lot more interesting photos.

Now you will not miss beautiful moments if you might otherwise miss so. that’s why it’s so important that you practice these three simple techniques or three simple ways to open the camera app.

Trick No 1

So the first technique I want to talk about is actually opening the camera app from the lock screen.
before you even type in your passcode, so now if we go to my/your iPhone you’ll see that the iPhone is locked.

I hope everyone should be using a passcode. I think but the problem is that now you have to either type in this passcode or use Touch ID or Face ID in order to start taking photos. and that takes time so what you can do instead is simply swipe your finger from right to left and as you do that you see the camera app opens instantly. and now you are ready to take photos in pretty much one second.

Trick No 2

When you are on the home screen of your iPhone, then the easiest way to open the camera app is obviously by tapping on the camera icon. but what I recommend you do is actually put the camera icon in the dock. so you can move all these icons around.

The way you do that is that if you tap and hold your finger gently on the screen, you’ll see that all the icons start moving and shaking at that point. now you can move any icon anywhere and that’s how you can get the camera icon to your dock. so if you’re going to be taking photos a lot make sure that the camera is in the dock. in the bottom of your iPhone. but now if you want to open the camera, that’s how you do it and if it’s in the dock you’ll never miss it.

Trick No 3

The third way is also a unique technique. I recommend you learn to use and let’s say, you’re using the messages app of your iPhone. and any other app and you need to quickly take a photo. for whatever reason, what you can then do is open the control center of the iPhone. and you do that by gently swiping your finger, from the bottom of the screen up. and here at the bottom right, you’ll see that there’s the camera icon. and if you tap your finger there that opens the camera as well.

So these are the three ways you can open the camera app. the most important is that now you know, how to do this quickly so that you don’t miss any beautiful shots when taking photos with your iPhone.