Best Free Fire MAX Sensitivity Settings 2023

Free Fire MAX Sensitivity Settings 2023: To advance to the next level in Free Fire MAX, you must master and refine your gunplay skills. Headshots are the easiest and fastest way to take down the enemy while incurring the least amount of damage, despite the fact that each gun’s damage varies.

The first step in hitting more headshots with consistency is to get the sensitivity settings perfect. Despite the fact that they are subjective and dependent on a variety of circumstances, including the device in use, the community’s overall trend is to put it towards the higher end of the scale.

Best Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire MAX 2023

Best Free Fire MAX Sensitivity Settings 2022
Image via Free Fire Max

In Free Fire MAX, these are just recommended sensitivity settings; players should modify them to their own desires. If they feel more confident, they can even go further than and even beyond these limitations.

  • General: 85 – 100
  • Red Dot: 80 – 95
  • 2x Scope: 68 – 83
  • 4x Scope: 71 – 85
  • Sniper Scope: 63 – 75
  • Free Look: 70 – 85

A player may adjust the sensitivity and practice on the training island to further fine-tune it. Gamers may play a few unranked games later before entering the ranked mode.

Also, it is recommended that users do not modify their sensitivity on a regular basis, as it will not only provide little benefits but will also have a negative impact since it takes a lot of time to adapt to a new one.

How to change the sensitivity settings in Free Fire MAX

Users may easily modify the sensitivity levels in the game by following the methods listed below:

Step 1: In Free Fire MAX, go to the settings area by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Best Free Fire MAX Sensitivity Settings 2022
Image via Free Fire MAX

Step 2: From the multiple options, select the Sensitivity tab and modify the settings accordingly.

Players may even reset to the default settings with a simple click.

How to get more headshots in Free Fire Max

Regular and consistent practice is the only way to improve. Gamers may practice their aim on fake targets at the range before heading to the training island’s warzone for a match-like experience.

Users must also be familiar with completing drag headshots with SMGs and Assault Rifles since this will help them to get kills rapidly. The idea is to drag the fire button in the position of the enemy’s head, keeping the crosshair on the head and achieving an easy kill.

Higher-level players may even try hitting one tap with shotguns and Desert Eagle, although this takes a lot of effort.