Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck Build Guide

Are you new to Clash Royale? Don’t worry with this Clash Royale arena 1 deck build guide we will make your Clash Royale journey easier. In this guide, we will help you to build a powerful Arena 1 deck using Arrows, Fireball, Giant, Goblin Cage, Goblins, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minions, and Musketeer. We will also tell you, how to use these cards wisely for your deck attack power, defense, synergy, versatility. If you are a Free-to-Play (F2P) player don’t worry using this deck you will score better then other players.

Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck Composition

Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck
Image via – Clash Royale

Here are the list of cards that used in this deck.

  1. Arrows: Using arrows card you can clear all the swarms enemy troops that tries to destroy your tower.
  2. Fireball: Using fireball card you can damage or destroy any enemy troops, also using this card you can damage enemy towers.
  3. Giant: This is a tank card, you can use this card to lead your troops. remember use this card first then use your troops. 
  4. Goblin Cage: This this a defensive card, this card gives you an extra defensive building, use this card when you need some extra time.
  5. Goblins: Well this is my favorite card, these goblins are very fast, they can gangs up and they can quickly target any enemy troops or buildings.
  6. Mini P.E.K.K.A: This is a very powerful card, but this card can damage your attack also because it’s a single target troop. you can use this card for attack and defense.
  7. Minions: It’s a air defense, this card can also use to destroy non air targeted troops.
  8. Musketeer: This card will help you to destroy air and ground troops.

You can copy this deck directly using this link.

Arena 1 Deck Assessment

Brief discussion about arena 1 deck attack power, defense, synergy, versatility, and F2P.

  • Attack Power: With this deck you have a very good balanced and some powerful attacker troops like Giant, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and Musketeer. If you understand how to use these cards, you will be unstoppable. 

  • Defense: In this deck you have few defensive cards like the Goblin Cage and Mini P.E.K.K.A these troops can gives you some extra time so use other cards and also save your tower getting destroyed. also you have arrows and fireball these 2 card can also clear incoming enemy swarms.

  • Synergy: It properly depends on you how you use these cards. If you use Giant in front and use other troops as support they can destroy enemy towers. The Goblin Cage also gives you both defense and attacking options.

  • Versatility: This deck will help you in various situations. You can use this deck in both way ground and air to attack or defense, this deck is very versatile in Arena 1 battles.

  • Free-to-Play (F2P): This deck is very friendly for F2P players, because their is no legendary cards in this deck. you can easily upgrade your troops.

Arena 1 Deck Strategy Tips

Using these tips you can destroy your enemy’s tower easily.

  1. Start Slowly: Don’t rush, first build your elixir to max then use Giant and sent some support troops behind Giant. you can use Musketeer or goblins, for strong push you can use Mini P.E.K.K.A as well.

  2. Defense First: Use Musketeer or Mini P.E.K.K.A to defend your tower. if they survive then start a counter-push.

  3. Goblin Cage Usage: Use Goblin Cage as defense or to distract incoming enemy troops, then counter attack. If you face swarms enemy use arrows or fireball.

  4. Spell Play: Protect your arrows and fireball cards for clearing enemy swarms. you can also use these cards to support your tank.

  5. Minions for Air Defense: Always use minions against air units. Minions are always helpful for air defense. Minions can also destroy ground troops.

  6. Adapt and Experiment: Try to understand your cards, always do experiments. Try to play 2v2, because when you play 2v2 you will not lose trophy. So try to experiment with different strategy’s depends on your enemy moves.

Using this Arena 1 deck, you are ready to battle in the Clash Royale. Remember don’t rush always have patience, wait for enemy’s wrong move and counter attack. Do practice regularly to improve your skills. Good Luck, and may your Clash Royale journey be filled with victories!

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