Wordle 336 Answer for Today May 21, 2022 Word Solution

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Wordle Answer: Wordle 336 Answer for May 21, 2022, is available here. Get Today’s Wordle 336 Solution 21th May 2022. Know the Wordle Word of the Day #336 for today 21 May 2022 or 5.21.2022

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Date 21st May 2022
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Today’s Wordle of the Day 336 Answer May 21, 2022

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The Wordle 336 answer is SCRAP

SCRAP is a noun that means “a small piece or amount of something, especially one that is left over after the greater part has been used.” for example “I scribbled her address on a scrap of paper.”

The Word SCRAP another meaning is “bits of uneaten food left after a meal.” for example “he filled Sammy’s bowls with fresh water and scraps.”

SCRAP word verb meaning is “discard or remove from service (a redundant, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine), especially so as to convert it to scrap metal.” for example “a bold decision was taken to scrap existing plant.”

The Word SCRAP Origin is “OLD NORSE” in ” late Middle English (as a plural noun denoting fragments of uneaten food): from Old Norse skrap ‘scraps’; related to skrapa ‘to scrape’. The verb dates from the late 19th century “.

  • SCRAP in Chinese (Traditional) Called “扔掉”
  • The Word SCRAP in Chinese (Simplified) is Called “放弃”
  • SCRAP Spanish is “pizca”
  • In Portuguese, SCRAP is “pedaço”
  • In German SCRAP is “der schrott”
  • SCRAP French is “la ferraille”

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Wordle FAQs Answered

How to play the previous Wordle?

Click here to know how to play past Wordle games.

How many tries do I get to solve May 21, 2022 Wordle?

You will get 6 attempts to guess the word of the day for May 21, 2022. and it is final to guess the word.

How do I get a new Wordle?

To get a new Wordle you need to wait until it’s 12:00 midnight. It doesn’t matter your time zone, and you will get a new Wordle at 12:00 AM.

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