SSC Vocational Result 2022 With Marksheet For Technical Board

Vocational Result 2022 is available here. All Technical Board (SSC) Vocational exam candidates can get the results from this article. The Vocational result 2022 will publish along with the SSC result 2022 and Dakhil Result 2022. So Technical board’s Vocational candidates need to know details about Vocational Result 2022. Therefore we are discussing all Vocational Result 2022. So in this article, you can know about Vocational exam 2022. In addition, How To check Vocational Result 2022 with all methods like By Online/Offline, Via SMS, Using EIIN, etc. Further, Getting Vocational Marksheet with each subject details marks & grades. Furthermore, some other information related to Vocational Result 2022 like Result change, scholarship, college admission, etc. So if you want to learn about Vocational Result, then read this post fully.

Vocational Exam 2022

First, the Vocational Examination is similar and equivalent to the SSC Examination. This means that all SSC candidates are equal to vocational candidates. But the difference is that the technical board takes the vocational test. There is a great demand for technical education in today’s world. These vocational studies and examinations are the relentless efforts of the Technical Education Board to achieve that goal. After passing the JSC examination, the students have the opportunity to pursue secondary studies. Then many people choose it as a vocational study. In this course, he studied various technical trades along with other general subjects. So vocational students will be ahead of others in technical education.

However, many test-takers take part in the vocation test every time. About 148,154 people have taken vocational exams from the technical board this year. Which is the lowest of the total 11 boards. However, as a single board, this number is not low.

Vocational Result 2022

Vocational results are much better than other SSC results. Because all these students are given technical education. Technical education makes a student efficient and intelligent. Therefore, all the results of the vocational examination under the technical board are good. So it is expected that the Vocational Result 2022 will be better than before. Every year Technical board tries to increase Vocational Result. However, at the moment, the most important is to get Vocational Result 2022.

How To Get Vocational Result 2022?

There are several ways to get Vocational Result 2022. If you know about them, you can easily get vocational result on the day of publication of results. Let us know about the methods of viewing the results.

Everyone can get Vocational exam results though:

  1. Online Result Search
  2. Mobile SMS
  3. WebMail By EIIN Number

All these three methods are described below in detail.

Online Vocational Result Search

The best way to get Vocational Results 2022 is online result search. For this, you need to visit the website that provides vocational results. Generally, two websites provide SSC Vocational Results for the general public. The two websites are-



In addition, the official website for Technical Education Board Vocational exam results is You can also get your SSC VOC result from BTEB website. In order to get Vocational Result for Technical Board, follow the instructions below.

Firstly, visit BTEB website:

Secondly, find the “Result” menu and click on S.S.C Porjay Result.

Thirdly, a new website will open with result search options. Now, select your Examination as “SSC(Vocational)”, Year as “2022”, Board as “Technical”, input your Vocational exam roll and registration number in each field.

Fourthly, you can see a math question with a field to answer. So, solve the math and type your answer in the bland field. This is security protection to avoid data scrape. After completing all of these steps, then click on submit button.

Finally, you can get your SSC Vocational Result.

Vocational Result By SMS

Mobile phone is common for all age people even students who also use a mobile phone. So the good news for them is they can also check Vocational Result 2022 by mobile phone using SMS service. In this case, To get SSC VOC result, you just need to send an SMS with a format. Your Board, Roll, Passing Year will be in the SMS format. By this process, you can check anyone’s Result. But remember, every SMS charge is 2.56 Taka.

The SMS Format For Getting Vocational Result:

SSC <SPACE> Technical Board Short Name <SPACE> Roll Number <SPACE> Passing Year.

Example: SSC TEC 567805 2022

SMS Sending Number For Getting Vocational Result: 16222

You can get Technical Vocational result after officially published. Sometimes it takes some time to get reply SMS.

Get Vocational Institution Result Using EIIN

All Technical Institutions are also able to get their results by using EIIN number from web mail result system. So any student or teacher can also to check full institute result through it. In this case, the result will be shown only GPA / Grade point. Actually this option is for Schools or Institutes only. However, everyone can check or download Vocational result sheet through it.

Go to the url:

Then select Technical board, type your Institute EIIN number, select SSC or equivalent result.

After that, by clicking on “Get Institution Result” you can get your full schools Vocational exam result.

If you do not know your schools EIIN number, then search on google or Download EIIN Number List.

How To Get Vocational Subject Wise Marks?

It is very easy and common to get Vocational exam results subject wise marks, grade and numbers. This process is same like online result search. While you search your Vocational exam result on & websites, you can get subject wise marks along with Vocational result. Even sometimes the authority shows specific marks for each subject with MCQ and written.

How To Change Technical Board VOC Result?

Vocational exam result change is a critical matter. If you want to increase your Vocational result, it is not easy but possible. It is possible If your paper has wrong verified by teachers. Learn more about SSC Result Change.


At the end of this post, we hope you got your Vocational exam result 2022 with Marksheet. We discussed all important information about Vocational Result. However, if you need any more information then join our group and do post.