What is the price of Transtech AC? New model of Transtec AC 2022

What is the price of Transtech AC? New model of Transtec AC 2022 

Why not talk about the time of winter or summer! AC is now the daily companion of man. Do you also want to know about the price of AC and the new model of Transtech AC? Do you want to know the current price of Transtech AC? Or want to know the rules of buying Transtech AC in installments? The solution to all these questions has come up with the updated price of Transtech AC 2022. So, keep reading this post to know about Transtech AC installment buying rules or Transtech AC price list 2022. 

With the development of the country’s economy, people’s purchasing power is also increasing, so many people are now buying AC. Those who are buying AC need to be aware of some things before buying AC. First of all, AC should be bought by understanding the type or size of the house. If there is a window in the room where you want to install AC, you can buy ‘Window AC’ by looking at a good brand of your choice. This type of AC can be purchased if the size of your room is small. If the size of the room is big, it will take big AC and if the size of the house is small, it will be small AC. 

Whether your house is small, large, medium, you will find the solution of everything with Transtech at an affordable price. Produces AC Transtech of all types and sizes. So today we will discuss Transtech AC Update Price 2022 Transtech AC Install Purchase Rules or Transtech AC Price List 2022. Stay tuned till the end to know all the information. 

Transtech AC Price BD 2022 

People seem to be hesitant to buy AC in their minds. The first thought is about the price of AC. After that everyone started thinking about AC maintenance. Many people think that AC maintenance is a hassle and hard work and they cannot maintain it properly after purchase. Many people think that AC maintenance is very expensive and another idea is that running AC will bring a lot of the electricity bill. But in reality, things are quite different. Basically, if you have a little idea about AC before buying AC, you don’t have to worry about these things. So, today’s post is to present all the information to you easily. 


Today’s price list of Transtech AC. Transtec AC price 2022 

The price of AC depends a lot on the brand. AC is available in the market as ‘ton’ and depending on the size of the room in which the AC will be installed, AC has to be purchased. After checking the power of AC comes the question of whether split or window AC will be better. Split ACE is usually the first choice for everyone as there is a lot of noise in window AC. In addition, the house cools quite quickly with split AC. 

Today we will discuss the prices of the ACs that Transtech has released in the market in 2022. Since you are thinking of buying an AC, there is no point in informing you about the previous price or the old model. You need to know the current market price and what kind of discount and what kind of benefits are available in that proportion. We will try to discuss these issues throughout our post. 


New model of Transtech AC 2022 

Transtech is currently the largest manufacturer of electronic products in Bangladesh so their product stock is endless. Transtech is constantly adding different models to their AC and adding many new features. If you want to collect these new models and new features then you have to buy the new model AC of Transtech. So here we will try to introduce you to different new models of AC through which you can make the best decision when buying Transtech AC. 

Price of Transtech Inverter AC 2022 

Transtec Inverter AC Compressor has 10 years warranty, 6 months replacement guarantee facility, exchange offer to buy new AC instead of any brand of AC. In addition, you can get free installation facility. Transtech has also gained popularity in Bangladesh for its quality, service. So Transtech AC has several advantages.  

  • Transtec AC compressors have a longer lifespan which allows them to be used for many days with a single compressor.  
  • Transtech AC in the current market is 1 ton, 1.5-ton, 2-ton, 2.5 ton to 5 ton, so the AC can be purchased according to the demand.   
  • Transtech AC with inverter technology is available to reduce power consumption. 
  • Non-inverter transtech ACs are available at low prices which are energy saving. 
  • Transtech AC works beautifully in any environment. 

Transtech inverter, non-inverter AC 

As you may have noticed, many electronics products have this inverter or non-inverter written on them. There are many differences in the prices and benefits of these products. The advantage of inverter AC is that the compressor of inverter AC can change its own running speed as required. The inverter AC has a sensor that, depending on the room temperature, slows down the motor without turning off the compressor completely. This reduces the cost of electricity. 

On the other hand, ordinary or non-inverter AC compressors turn on and off frequently so consume much more power. Every time a compressor unit is turned on in a normal AC, it draws a lot of electricity, which is why the cost of electricity increases, resulting in higher bills. 

Transtech AC Price in Bangladesh 2022 

Transtech has topped the country’s market with high quality air conditioners at affordable prices. Within the country, Transtech products are being delivered with cash on delivery facility from the nearest distributor showroom as soon as the buyers call from home. 

Currently there are several Transtech ACs in the market, the model names, prices and details of the ACs in the market are given below: 

Transtec Super Inverter Air Conditioner | TRS-24ISE | 2 Ton 


Smart Diagnosis, Energy Conservation (Eco Mode), Flash Cooling, Golden Fins. 

Cooling capacity – 24000Btu / H. Indoor model-TRS-24IS4. Outdoor model – TRS-24ISE. Power source – 220-240,50Hz, 1Ph. Rated current – 8.9A. Rated input power – 2800W. Refrigerant-R410, attractive the market price of this AC is 78 thousand Taka.


Transtec Super Inverter Air Conditioner | TRS-18ISE | 1.5 Ton  


Smart Diagnosis, Energy Conservation (Eco Mode), Flash Cooling, Golden Fins.  

Cooling capacity – 18000Btu / H. Indoor model – TRS-18ISE. Outdoor model – TRS-18ISE. Power source – 220-240,50Hz, 1Ph. Rated current – 11.8A. Rated input power – 2400W. Refrigerant-R410. The market price of this attractive AC is 67 thousand taka.

Transtec Super Inverter Air Conditioner | TRS-12ISE | 1 Ton 

Smart Diagnosis, Energy Conservation (Eco Mode), Flash Cooling, Golden Fins. 

Cooling capacity -12000Btu / H. Indoor model-TRS-12ISE. Outdoor model – TRS-12ISE. Power source -220-240,50Hz, 1Ph. Rated current – 9.5A. Rated input power – 2050W. Refrigerant-R410. The market price of this attractive AC is 55,500 taka.

Transctech Classic Series Air Conditioner | TSA-24CLN | 2 Ton 


100% copper condenser, four-way air swing, high density air filter. Auto restart compressor.  

Powerful T3 compressor, cooling capacity, 24000 btu., Total weight – 57.2 kg (outdoor unit). 20.1 kg (indoor unit), dimension of indoor unit (W × H × D). 1100 * 330 * 240mm, maximum input cost – 4000W. Net weight – 51.5 kg (outdoor unit), 17.4 kg (indoor unit). Power supply – 220-240V- 50Hz. The market price of this attractive AC is 67 thousand taka.

Rules for buying Transtech AC in installments 

If you want to buy Transtech AC in installments, you must first go directly to Transtech showroom or e-Plaza. Then discuss with them that you want to buy AC from them in installments then that e-plaza sales man will take care of all your arrangements. However, in case of buying AC, you must make 40% down payment. This means that you have to deposit 40% of the market value of the AC first and then pay the remaining 60% in installments. In many cases you will also be given a discount if you buy AC in installments. 

We hope you enjoy this article. Thanks for staying with me till the end. 

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