The RPG “Disco Elysium – The Final Cut” will be 65% off and 1,500 yen, get the biggest discount ever.

On September 13th, ZA/UM started a Steam sale where they offered a 65% discount on “Disco Elysium – The Final Cut” for 1435 yen. The discount is the best one ever, and the deal is on now through September 20.

A new mission and complete voice recording of “Disco Elysium” will be published for PC in 2019 as “Disco Elysium – The Final Cut,” a detective adventure game with RPG components focused on solving cases. It also supports Japanese and is overseen by game translator Haruo Muto. The main guy has forgotten everything, and he has 24 different personas. The main character, who has no recollection, awakens one day and learns that he is a detective by the words and deeds of others around him.

As the major axis of the job is the investigation of the occurrence, this work advances by repeated interrogation and examination of the crime scene, or “task.” It is said that many of the “tasks” are unconnected to the murder investigation, such as those involving your own forgotten memories and minor issues with the locals. Players interact with a mysterious entity that resembles a game master to interact and make decisions in the game. One of the key aspects of this work is the TRPG-like system that employs dice to check skills to determine the success or failure of activities. The greater the value of the appropriate skill while checking, the greater the success rate.

This story’s hero has a total of 24 talents, with six in each of the four skill categories of “Intelligence,” “Mental,” “Physical,” and “Athletic,” and each skill has 24 personalities. correlates to Through talks with each of the 24 talents, the player learns more about the murder case. Each of the 24 skills speaks to the main character directly from the inside as a being with a personality. You may attack with a variety of strategies since skills vary depending on the main character’s ability type, which you choose at the game’s beginning, although it would be excellent to set up to your preferences.

Despite the game’s enormous volume, it may be bought during this deal for a fair price of 1500 yen. Please buy it while it’s on sale if you’re interested.

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