SSC Result 2022 Published Date – 28 November SSC Result?

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Hello dear SSC exam candidates, I hope you all are well. Besides a little tense is affecting you for wanting knowing when will publish the SSC exam result 2022. Yes! I also have the same question. Even we all want to know about SSC Result 2022 Publish Date. Now I am going to discuss the answer to this question. In addition other facts of SSC Exam Result 2022. So, learn more by reading this article fully. However, in this situation be safe from corona with staying home.

SSC Exam & Result Date

According to the SSC Routine, this year the exam happened from 15th September 2022 to 28th September 2022. Though the exam was a little delayed due to Covid-19 after the education board has managed to do it fast. According to the result publishing date rules, SSC Result 2022 must have been published within 60 days after the exam. So all education boards start their activity while each exam is finished. However, there have been about 30 days since the SSC exam finished. Though only 6 subjects exam is held, So Education Board will publish the SSC exam result 2022 within 30 days. But no accurate result publish date or information not published yet. So, when the SSC Result 2022 will publish? Let’s find out the answer.

SSC Result Processing System

Knowing about SSC result 2022 published date, firstly we have to know about the full result processing & publishing system of the education board Bangladesh. You all have known that the exam answer papers verify manually by teachers one and more times. So it takes a huge time.

Within 2-5 days after the completion of each test, a list of teachers to verify the answer sheet by the self-education board is published. The list is on the website of each board of education. It is the responsibility of each teacher to verify that list. Those who belong to that list will have to collect the answer sheet from the board office. Then, within a certain period, the answer sheet will be verified and sent back to the education board. After that, the education board will send them back to another verified teacher to re-verify. Then the teacher will submit it to the education board again.

Now it’s the turn of adding the verified number of two teachers. In this case, the answer sheet for the MCQ exam is verified by the OMR machine. Therefore, only the written papers are verified by the teachers. If there is a wide difference between the numbers the two teachers give when adding the numbers, then a third party again verifies the answer sheet.

Finally, after listing the written answer sheet and MCQ numbers, they will be handed over to the Dhaka Education Board. Because the results of all the education boards across the country are published together from one website. Thus, when all the activities of the result are completed, a day is selected and it is inaugurated by the Minister of Education or the Prime Minister.

SSC Result 2022 Confirm Publish Date

The confirmed publish date for SSC Result 2022 is 28th November 2022. That means SSC result 2022 is going to be published in 28th November 2022. So far you have got a lot of ideas on how to prepare and publish SSC results. Now it turns to know the publication date of SSC result 2022 and why is it so late to publish the result? To get this answer, we ought to know about our country’s current situation. The main problem in Bangladesh is Corona Virus (Covid-19). Is the SSC exam result delayed for it?

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Coronavirus Effects On SSC Result 2022

We all know that the whole world is facing the Corona Virus problem. Our country is also facing it from March 2022. The Prime Minister has locked down the entire country from March 25 to protect the health of the people of the country and the fear of the virus. Due to this, the transportation system of the country is completely closed. Even, go out of the house without necessity is forbidden. In such a case, SSC exam papers verification are almost end but it cannot possibly send to the board. As a result, there is a delay in preparing and publishing the SSC Result 2022. So the SSC Result Publish Date has not been released yet. But we have known about the official pre-planning SSC Result Publish Date from a source.

SSC Result 2022 Update News

The Ministry of Education is very concerned about the publish of SSC results. Because every year the result published before 60 days. In this case, it has been many days since the end of the exam. But this year SSC result publish is delayed. So the Secondary and higher education secretary MD. Mahbub Hossain had a meeting with the chairmen of all the boards of education in an online video conference. In this meeting, everyone discussed and decided that if the Corona situation is normal in BD, SSC result 2022 will release on 28th November 2022. However, this is just their plan. Because the work of releasing the results of all the boards is not complete. However, according to all the boards, the work of publishing their results is about 70 to 90 percent complete. All boards will be able to produce the result in about 30 days.

Now the question is when the corona situation will normal? Day by day it is increasing. Is the SSC Result 2022 Publish Date is really 28th November 2022?

Actually SSC result 2022 will publish within two or three weeks while the Corona (Covid-19) condition is well under control. So let’s wait for SSC Exam Result 2022 Publish.

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