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SSC Result Detail Mark, Grade Point, Number, MCQ, Written

SSC Result 2022 is going to be published. After long time of the exam finally the SSC result 2022 publish date has announced by Education Board Bangladesh. All Secondery School Certificate examiners and their guardians also very eagerly waiting for SSC Result 2022. So we providing all information about SSC Exam Result 2022.

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In this article, we will help you to figure out SSC Result 2022. Further all information about SSC Result. In addition, SSC Result Publish Date, How to get SSC Result with Subject Wise Marks?, Grading System, Result Re scrutiny Process, What to do after SSC Result Published? etc. Are you finding the SSC Result 2022? If yes! then continue reading. Bookmark this page & Share on your timeline if needed.

In a brief, SSC is the 3rd academic certificate board exam in a student life. That’s why it is called Secondary School Certificate. As this is the first board exam, so it is very important to gain good result of it. After Class 9 & 10 pass or SSC, ‍students choose to enroll in reputed institutes. So must have a good result in SSC. However, after giving the exam, the students are very tense. So they want to get publish their exam result quickly. So they want their exam result to be published quickly. In this case, they are searching online or other source to know result publish date and how to get result. We are trying to discuss this topic in detail for your assistance.

SSC Exam

SSC Result 2022

Getting SSC Result is the most important thing to a SSC exam candidate. For them now, it is like the same value of gold. Candidates all waiting has come to end. Generally the result will publish on the morning in the result publish date. The Board of Education will complete all activities to publish the results. Then the result will be handed over to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will inaugurate the results through a news release. Then the results will be open by all means. After that everyone can get their SSC Result 2022 by online and SMS. We provide here all Education Board SSC Result.

There are mainly two different ways to check the Result. Those are by using official website and sending mobile SMS. For your help, we will describe details how to check result with marksheet.

How to Check SSC Result Online?

In order to checking eboardresults you must follow some steps. Here we are sharing those steps to get the result of SSC exam 2022.

Roll Number*
Reg Number*
  • Firstly visit the link below
  • Then select your Exam, Year, Board, Result Type as Individual Result.
  • After that three new text field will appear on your screen.
  • Then type your Roll and Registration number to its field.
  • After that write the same as security key picture in the box next to it.
  • After providing all information to your J.S.C exam, Finally click on “Get Result” button.
  • If all information is correct then you will see your SSC Exam Result 2022.

Watch A Video About How To Get SSC Result

SSC Result

How to check SSC Exam Result by SMS?

SMS method is another fastest way to get result without internet connection. In this case just send an SMS then automatically result will be come to your phone through SMS. Moreover, an SMS charge will require like 2.5 taka. Now follow the SMS format below.

SMS format to get SSC Result

SSC [space] Board’s 1st 3 letter [space] Roll Number [space] Year

Example: SSC DHA 123456 2022

Send this SMS format with your own information to 16222 number.

After sending SMS using valid information, you will get an SMS shortly with your Result Grades.

SSC Result With Marksheet

Looking for SSC exam result mark sheet?

You: Yes! I am looking for my exam result marksheet and subject wise marks.

Did you read our full article about SSC Marksheet? If no, then read the article first.

Everyone wants to get result with individual marks. For this Education Board has created an opportunity to see each subject number or marks. Specially it helps to make decision re-scrutiny result against the Board. Here we will figure out how to get SSC Result Marksheet and subject wise marks. This is very easy to get subject wise numbers. We discuss details about this topic SSC Result 2022 Marksheet.

SSC Result Marksheet and Subject Wise Numbers Grades

Why Mark Sheet is So Important?

Do you know why the mark sheet is very important? Ok! I am describing about it.

Describing as SSC Result Marksheet. First, the marksheet or number will give you a clear idea of your complete exam. Did well in the test but the numbers did not go as you expected. A letter grade can be reduced even for just number 01. If this happens then you need to do board challenge. That’s why you need to know about the detailed marksheet.

Marksheet Makes Students More Confident

Knowing results mark details will make you more confident. Do you know it?

Because, only you know how like you wrote in your exam. So after result publish, you can realize about exam marks for each subjects in your exam that you wrote in the exam paper.

If you get good marks in the every subject then think about your answer patter. How was you wrote in? In future examination you should answer the same way.

But If you do not get good marks, then try to know how to answer better for getting good marks in the exam.

Then you will become more confident in future tests. :)

When Will Publish SSC Result 2022?

When will SSC result be published? If this is question, then we have to talk more about this. Basically this exam result published in last day of December every year. So in this year of 2022, we also hope to publish the result in 31st December. Hence, this December will end with SSC exam result.

According to the SSC Routine this year the exam occurred between 15 September to 28 September. At the end of the exam it will take some time to verify the exam paper and prepare the results. It should take at least 30 to 40 days. In this case it does not take much time like SSC Result and HSC Result / other examinations of the board.

The answer of this question that you are finding is SSC Result 2022 will publish in 28 November 2022. This date may change for any decision of the Education Board Authority.

SSC Result 2022 For All Education Board

There are ten boards under education board in Bangladesh. All boards take the test separately. The results of all the boards are also different. That’s why each board publishes their own results on their website. Here you can get necessary discuss about board wise SSC result 2022. An open secret about Secondery School Certificate exam result is all board’s result is available in web based result website. In contrast some boards release results on their own website. In this case official website doesn’t show details mark while checking result. If this happens with you, try to search your result through your boards official website. We hope you will defiantly able to get your SSC & Dakhil Result even more subject wise details marks. So we shared some details about every board below with way of result searching option.


Dhaka Board SSC Result 2022

All students and their relative can easily get Dhaka board Secondery School Certificate exam result easily. Because Dhaka board’s result can get with every subject marks. However the good news is that the provides this board’s SSC-result. Moreover you can follow Dhaka boards website for relevant needed. The official website of Dhaka Education Board is

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2022

The SSC results of Chittagong board is provides CTG own along with WEB BASED RESULT PUBLICATION. After some times of publishing the results, students can not see the results with the subject wise marks. So students faces problem for applying re-scrutiny application. In this case of getting full marksheet and subject wise number of Chittagong Board, Chittagong board created another getaway for detail results. By using this website, you will definitely get Chittagong board’s SSC subject wise marks. Visit CTG’s official website

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2022

The board of Rajshahi is very simple and its students are also. In the case of SSC Results, Rajshahi boards result is on So all Raj students get their results without facing any problem. However, for any kind of information visit

Madrasah Board Dakhil Result 2022

Class 9 & 10th board exam is also available for Madrasah students. So Madrasah board students participate with their Dakhil syllabus and their exam name is Dakhil exam. Though the Dakhil result 2022 is published with a same time same place. You can get all the news and notice from Madrasa boards website

Barisal Board SSC Result 2022

The board of Barisal provides subject marks along on their official site. So if the J.S.C exam subject number result is your expectation, then you should visit their provided link also. Their link about J.S.C exam result & all notice

Comilla Board SSC Result 2022

The Comilla Board has a tendency to display Class 9 & 10 details marksheet results on its own. Therefore, if the Educationboard does not display the full number, then the Comilla board manages to display the subject wise grade and number separately. Visit:

Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2022

Dinajpur board’s activity about SSC results 2022 is as like Rajshahi board. All details subjectwise marksheet is provided by For further assist about results or scholarship you might visit

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2022

The Sylhet board’s SSC exam results will be found on educationboardresults official site. In addition you should visit the Sylhet board’s site for knowing SSC scholarship application & all other updates. The link of Sylhet board is

Jessore Board SSC Result 2022

SSC exam results with marksheet for Jessore board is also found on You will get further assist all about SSC exam by visiting

Grading System

SSC exam counts results as Grade Point Average (GPA). Education Board Bangladesh using the same grading system for J.S.C, SSC and HSC exam. The table of Grade system is below. Source.

MarksLetter gradeGrade point

How to count GPA points in Secondery School Certificate exam?

It is very important to know how to calculate J.S.C Results GPA Grade point. As, students go ahead to secondary school level, so they must know about these method. In addition, it is also required for future. So let’s know about it.

As we know or according to SSC exam routine, there are seven subjects in this exam. GPA counts on 5.0 points. So we have to divide on 5 points from seven subjects.

  • At first we have to divide Each subject marks to letter grade and grade point.
  • Identify your exam numbers as grade and point from the table above.
  • There is no optional subject in SSC examination. So combine the seven subject grade points together.
  • Suppose, Bangla 75/A=4 + English 67/A-=3.5 + ICT 82/A+=5 + Religion 85/A+=5 + Bangladesh and Global Identity 78/A=4 + Math 80/A+=5 + Science 74/A=4 = Total 30.5 points.
  • After that divide the total points by seven.
  • As a result, the final GPA or result is 30.5/7= 4.35.


SSC Board Challenge Process

Did you see your J.S.C. result? Isn’t it as expected?

Ow… So Sad! :(

Are you thinking about your results that could have been better? Yes!

Don’t worry!

There are another opportunity to review your exam paper. :)

It is re-scrunity application process. Because after the result or seeing marks many students can challenge their result. So if you are thinking that you want to do SSC Result re-scrutiny then you can read more about SSC Result Board Challenge. You can also get the Results of SSC Board Challenge.

This process is very positive for students. Most of the time, the results increase.

In Conclusion

Finally, it can be said that the candidates are eagerly waiting for the results. Lately, their interest is nearing an end. But here I have tried to answer all your questions. Still if you have any questions you can comment. I hope you got here all information about SSC Result 2022. Lastly, I wish everyone get the best results in J.S.C. Exam. You may like to read PSC Result.

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