SSC Result Marksheet 2021 – Get Full Number For Each Subject

SSC Result Marksheet For All Board

SSC result marksheet is the main document of SSC exam scores. So it is mandatory to get Marksheet along with SSC Result 2021. In this year, all the candidates will get SSC Result 2021 in an SMS of their pre-registered mobile. So they need to know subject wise marks or mark sheet. In this case we are sharing information about how to get SSC Result 2021 Marksheet. By following our information you can easily get your SSC Result subject wise grade, marks/number, mcq points.

Definition of SSC Marksheet

SSC Marksheet is a document that shows SSC marks, grade point, and awards. Actually the SSC mark sheet mention academic work of class 9 and 10. We can say another way marksheet is a one kind of transcript where include grade list of SSC exam or courses. So, we can say marksheet is a transcript that showing course name and grade points. Every marksheet is recorded by Education Board Bangladesh.

Importance of SSC Result Marksheet

The importance of marksheets is immense. Just knowing the marks of SSC exam is not the only usage of marksheet. Rather marksheets are required in almost all academic activities after SSC. The knowledge gained from studying for the SSC exam will be in your brain, but the identity of the SSC qualification will be recorded on a piece of paper. Your SSC qualification will be verified anywhere with that written paper i.e. SSC result marksheet. So you can understand the importance of SSC result marksheet. Giving some examples will make the matter easier. For example, to get admission in the next college with SSC result, original marksheet copy has to be submitted. Moreover, to be admitted in a university or equivalent institution later, one has to submit SSC result marksheet along with other examination marksheets. Even if you join different jobs, you have to submit the marksheet in the same way. So it remains to be seen how important the SSC result marksheet 2021 is.

Why Is It Necessary To Submit SSC Marksheet Everywhere?

The main reason for submitting mark sheets in educational institutions is that a student cannot study in more than one educational institution at a time. Each institution keeps the original marksheet of their students till a certain time. In addition the case of a job, one submit their marksheet or something else as collateral so that one does not run away from the organization.

SSC Result 2021 Marksheet

Can I get SSC result 2021 marksheet in the same date of result published? Yes, SSC result 2021 Marksheet is available while the result publish. So you can get full subject wise marks and grades. So how can you get the Mark details in Marksheet? Let’s know.

How to Get SSC Result Marksheet 2021 & Subject-Wise Grade/Marks?

SSC Result Marksheet With Numbers

SSC results with marksheets are available only on the official website.This system is called SSC Result 2021 Online. So it is mandatory to take the marksheet of SSC exam results from the Board of Education results web based app. Here we will show you how you can get the full marksheet details of your SSC exam results. But there are some exceptions to getting the full mark. In the same way, the thematic numbers of all the boards are not available. Because some boards do not publish the full number or do it differently. Therefore, if you face such problems, you can take help in our Facebook group. However, the video below discusses how to view the results with the full subject number of most boards.

SSC Exam Result Marksheet From eBoardResults.Com

1. is a web-based result software, by using it everyone can check SSC result with Full Marksheet. So, in order to get SSC result 2021 marksheet, visit

2. after visiting eBoardResults website, you can see some options wanting your SSC exam information.

3. Provide all correct information according to your SSC exam admit card.

4. So, provide your SSC examination information by selecting Examination as “SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent”, Year as “2021”, Board as “your education board”, Result type as “Individual Result”.

5. While you select Individual Result, three new options will appear on you. Here you provide your Roll number, Registration number and Security key.

6. If complete providing all correct information, then click on Get Result button. You will get your SSC Result 2021 Marksheet with subject wise grades, marks, numbers, points details.

Remember: The condition of getting SSC result marksheet is must be provided registration number while sear result. Otherwise you can not get your full mark details. You only get subject wise grades. So registration number is very important while check SSC result. You can get SSC Dakhil Result & SSC Vocational Result with the same process.

SSC Result 2021 Marksheet From

The another website is getting SSC result marksheet 2021 is This website provides SSC result with only subject wise grades in Marksheet. So it may helpful to get SSC result 2021 but not to get full details subject wise marks. However, we discuss the process to get SSC result Mark sheet from

SSC Result Marksheet

1. Visit: Education Board Results website.

2. Then fill all the fields correctly with your SSC information. Select your board, type roll number and registration number.

3. Solve the math like (example: 5+3 = ) and click on submit button.

4. If the result published, you can get your SSC result with Marksheet for 2021 exam.

Remember: this site is not providing details marks. So if you want to get details mark then get ssc result from eboardresults.

Types of SSC Result Mark Sheet

  1. Digital Marksheet
  2. Hard copy of marksheet
  3. Consolidated Marksheet

Digital & Online SSC Result Marksheet

SSC digital marksheet is a one kind of marksheet that created by & eBoardResults.Com and distributed through online. Education board distribute digital marksheet by some third party company those are insure data security. For example:, eboardresults is a distribution company who, distributed SSC mark sheet with well security. 

Hard Copy of SSC Marksheet

The original & Hard copy of SSC Exam Result marksheet is a document that printed on paper. The Education board distribute a hard copy of SSC marksheet for all passed students. But, this process is very slow then Digital SSC marksheet. The another name of SSC Hard Copy of Mark Sheet is SSC Academic Transcript. So you will get the Academic Transcript before college admit. It takes some time to prepare the marksheet’s hard copy for all students who passed the SSC exam.

How can you get SSC Marksheet Hard Copy?

Original SSC marksheet is to be collected from the respective schools. In this case it takes about 1-2 months. If possible, find out in your school about the original SSC result marksheet. If the original SSC marksheet 2021 has come to the school then you can pick it up from the school. In this case it may cost 50 to 200 taka. However, if you do not have the original SSC marksheet, you can use digital or online marksheet copy.

Consolidated SSC Marksheet

Consolidated Marksheet is semester wise subjects list and grades. All subjects and its grades are include in this marksheet. The results of different semesters exist in this marksheet. Note that there is no consolidated marksheet in SSC or equivalent examination.

Difference Between Digital Marksheet and Hard Copy of Marksheet

Digital Marksheet

Hard Copy of Marksheet

Created by educationboard.

Created by paper.

Online copy, anyone can print.

printed copy, only education board can create.

Distribution process fast.

Distribution process slow.

Digital signature.

Original signature.

Application For Revival Of Lost Marksheet

One of the most valuable assets of your life is your examination marksheet, which is earned through hard work throughout the year. There is no end to the worries and suffering of being lost or stolen for any reason. However, even if you are in such danger, a little problem is solved. This is why today’s article. If you are in a dilemma of losing your marksheet for any reason, you can find a solution in today’s article. Let’s know what to do.

If a certificate, number sheet or admit card is lost, you should first make a common diary (GD) at the nearest police station in your area without delay. A copy of GD will have to be kept. Then you have to give notice in one of the daily newspapers. The notification should mention name, branch, examination center, roll number, year of pass, board name, and how you have lost the certificate, number sheet, or admission card.

After publishing the GD in the police station and notification in the newspaper, you have to go to the board of education under which you have given the exam. After collecting the application form from the Education Information Collection Center of the Board of Education, it has to be filled incorrectly. The prescribed fee will then have to be submitted to the Secretary of the Board through a demand draft of Sonali Bank. The application will be valid after the money is deposited. The application form should be accompanied by the original bank draft, cutting off the notification in the newspaper, and a copy of the GD of the police station.

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