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SSC Result 2019 All Board Result Publish Date

SSC Result 2019

SSC Result 2019education board exam results are usually published within 3 months of the end of the examination. According to the latest news, The Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards Bangladesh will declare the SSC result very soon and the work is being done very quickly. According to a Education board official, the result of SSC is expected to be announced by May 4-15, 2019. SSC Result 2019 are going to be published online on the official web site – and on In order to get the result, the candidates can ought to submit the valid and proper data, i.e- roll number, reg number, passing year, board name. Current education minister Dr. Dipu Moni said, This year almost 1,700,102 students will participate in the SSC examination under 8 general education boards. Of the students, 822,661 candidates are male and 877,441 female.. To know more about SSC Result 2019, you can read full article of this page.

SSC / Dakhil or Equivalent Exam

SSC means secondary school certificate in Bangladeshi education system. It is also known as Matriculation exam level. Dakhil is a part of SSC Exam. Madrasa Education Board’s SSC equivalent exam name is Dakhil. Classes 9 and 10 conquering students are eligible for the SSC / Dakhil or equivalent exam.

SSC Result 2019

Examination results reveal the standard of education and the passing percentage of the next. There is a goal in the end of the exam every time that there is more than passing percentage than the previous. The statistics of the results are ups and down every year. The percentage of total pass in the last year’s SSC examination was 80.35%. It is expected that this time the result of SSC examination will increase. Please see the details below to find out more about the results of the examination.

SSC Exam & Result 2019 Important Dates

SSC Exam Starting Date: 02 February

SSC Exam Ending Date: 25 February

SSC Result Announcement Date: 4-15 May

The Passing Rate Of The Previous Years Examinations

2018 80.35%
2017 77.77%
2016 88.29%
2015 86.72%

Board Wise Passing Rate Of The Previous Year

Education Board Passing Rate
Dhaka 81.48%
Rajshah 86.07%
Chittagong 75.50%
Sylhet 70.43%
Dinajpur 77.62%
Comilla 80.40%
Barisal 77.11%
Jessore 73.67%

After reviewing the result statistics, we can say that the Rajshahi Board is ahead. Almost every time the Rajshahi Board occupies the first position in the result.

Conditions for passing in the SSC Examination

The main instruction to pass SSC examination is to get at least 33 numbers. It is necessary to pass 33 percent of the total number. There are two parts of subject in which, the two parts have to gotten 66 for pass. There are some subjects have the MCQ and written parts. Students have to passed both with 33% marks.

SSC Exam Result Grading System

Although the test is about 100 marks, but the result is in grading method. Here we will see how grading is done from the number. Specific grades are given on the basis of a specific number. Which grade are given to how many numbers you can see below. Each grade is based on a specific marks. Some subjects that have more than one part, for those subjects each parts marks are added, then the number is divided by two.

Example- Bangla 1st part marks is “85” and Bangla 2nd part marks is “75”. That means Bangla subject’s marks is 85+75=160 out of 200, and final mark is 160/2=80 out of 100. So the grade or grade point is A+ or 5.

Letter Grade System of Individual Subject

Class Interval Letter Grade Grade Point
80-100 A+ 5
70-79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50-59 B 3
40-49 C 2
33-39 D 1
0-32 F 0

Now I will describe how GPA based results are made. GPA Means Grade Point Average. Adding the grade points of all subjects (You have to add points from 4th subject to total points by substituting 2), than the total number of points divided by the total number of subjects (Except for the fourth subject) and the Obtained point will be the final result.

Subject Name Grade Point

Here my total subjects are 9 but I divide using 8 because I have a 4th subject which is Agriculture Studies: 4+4+4+4+5+3+4+3.5+3 (from 4th subject 2 points to be excluded) = 34.5/8 = 4.31. The Result is GPA 4.31.

SSC Result 2019 Publish Date

SSC exam are over. Now the question of the candidates, when will the ssc exam result will publish? The right answer to their questions is not possible right now. Because no official declaration for the ssc result. However, the probable date is 4-15 May, 2019 or first week of May. We can guess that the result will be published in May or last week of April, after reviewing result publish date for the past years. Below are the dates of the result publish for the past years:

Year Result Publish Date
2018 06 May
2017 04 May
2016 11 May
2015 30 May
2014 17 May

Check SSC Result 2019

There are different methods to see SSC result. A large number of people in the country try to see the result together. So, without any problem, people can see the results, the Education Board Bangladesh has managed to see results in a few ways. The way through which the exam candidates or any others will be able to see the SSC Exam Result 2019 are given below-

  • Through the Official Website
  • Through Mobile SMS
  • Official Android App
  • Third Party Site Which is Linking With Official Website.
  • EIIN (School)

Results can be seen in all these methods. However, there may be many problems on the result publish day to see the result. Below are detailed discussions on how to easily see result through all of these.

Check SSC Result through Official Website

Before describe the way to view results through the website, I want to talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages. There is no doubt that the best way to see the result is website method. However, the biggest problem is that there is a server problem while publishing the result. This is because many people try to see result at the same time. As a result the server is not able to take extra pressure. But it is okay after some time. To solve this problem, the Education Board has arranged to show result in two websites. The advantage of this is that you can see the detail result with students information. Below are the description of how to check the results-

  • First Click on Share Button
  • Visit the Education Board Official Website
Check Your SSC Result:



Passing Year:

Roll Number:

Registration Number:
  • Once, you will hit the link, Education Board result check system with a new window will appear to you.
  • So, select you Examination, Year, Board, Result Type (Individual Result for students), enter your Roll, Registration, solve Security Key and click on “Get Result”.
  • Once, you will submit the above details, your SSC Exam Result will appear to you.
  • Now you can take the result printout for the future reference.

Check SSC Result through Mobile SMS

The Education Board Bangladesh also has the ability to show result for students who do not have internet access. The way is mobile SMS. Mobile SMS method is the fastest way to check/see the result. Result can be found by sending SMS from any mobile operator. Detailed results can not be found in this method. SMS charges will be cut. See below how to do the SMS to see SSC result 2019:

SSC / Alim <SPACE> First three letters of your Board name <SPACE> Roll no <SPACE> 2019 and send to 16222

For example:

SSC <SPACE> RAJ <SPACE> 567805 <SPACE> 2019 SEND TO 16222

You will get ssc result 2019 in return SMS. Remember, SMS will be sent after the result is published. If not, you can not get the result. Sometimes SMS may be delayed.

First Three Letter For All Education Board

Barisal = BAR, Chittagong = CHI, Comilla = COM, Dhaka = DHA, Dinajpur = DIN, Jossore = JOS, Madrasha = MAD, Rajshahi = RAJ, Sylhet = SYL, Technical = TEC

Check SSC Result through Android App

In the current era everyone has smartphones. So, the Board has also made the arrangement to see SSC result through smartphone application. There are some advantages to seeing results through the smartphone app. The result of the app shows through the website server, but the website takes a lot of time to load, but the mobile application result forms are loaded. So I think it is a little easier to see results through mobile app.

Download The Education Board Result Official Android Application

Get SSC Result From Third Party Site

The third-party website means connecting between you and the education board’s website so that it can easily show result. Here the third party site means our site. On the test day we will make the option to see the result of our site. As a result, you can get some relief from the trouble of loading ssc result 2019 page.

To Get Result Fast Type Your Roll No, Reg No, & Board Name Below The Comment Box, Then Tik On Also post on Facebook & Hit Enter ot Click on Post Button. In Reply, We Will Give Your Result.

SSC Result

We provide many services for our respected readers a lot. As such, during the result publish of various exams, checking their result on Facebook, Examination questions solution, routines information or any others help. Many do not have mobile data but use Facebook or Messenger for free. Many people can not see result. These people are specially assisted. We always try to help.

Join our Facebook group & like our Page to get any help or SSC Result through Facebook and add your friends to out group. Here is our group link- “NewResultBD.Com“.

SSC Result Using EIIN For Institutes

EIIN means Educational Institute Identification Number. Result of the whole school will be available using EIIN. This is mainly for school admirers. But students can also see result using the school EIIN number.

To Getting Institute Result-

Download EIIN Number List

SSC Result 2019 Full Marksheet Download

SSC Result with Masksheet is very essential for a student. Marksheet needs to download for knowing grade points and numbers for each subject. Besides, the marksheet will be required for any subsequent after results. Applying for college admission and applying for education scholarship will also require marksheet. Find out how to download ssc result marksheet.

We have already described above how to check results through the official website. Marksheet should be downloaded the same way. However, to get marksheet with a complete numbers, you must check the result using the registration number. If you do not check the results using the registration number, you can not get the marks obtained in the subjects.

Board Wise SSC Result

Each board is examined according to different questions, so there result are also different. At present, there are 10 secondary and higher secondary education boards in Bangladesh.

Those are: Barisal Board, Chittagong Board, Comilla Board, Dhaka Board, Dinajpur Board, Jossore Board, Madrasha Board, Rajshahi Board, Sylhet Board, Technical Board.

Almost every board has the option to check their results separately. As there is a lot of problems to check results to the official site of the Education Board. In this case, it is easy and fast to see result on the respective board’s website. Visit the links below to find out about ssc result and get ssc result of each board.

Get All Education Board Results

What to do after SSC Result?

After the SSC result, the students started their new journey of higher school education. Within a few days, admission to all public and private colleges will start. In the words of Bangladeshi college admission are said xi class admission. Moreover, many students show interest in Technical or Polytechnic Institute after the SSC examination. Many girls are admitted to Nursing or Mats Institute. Get detailed information about college Admission on our website about after Result.

SSC Scholarship Application

After publishing the results of the SSC exam, many government and non-government organizations provide scholarships to meritorious students. Many students are unaware of this issue. For them, we will discuss the details of those scholarships on our site. After the publication of the results, when the circular of the scholarship is published we will write them on our site. So keep sharing our site on your timeline for the future.

SSC Result Helpline

There is no official helpline about exam and result. But we are always with your help. Please share this post & comment below if you have any problems or queries.

Helpline: 01719995306


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