Shaan (2022) Bangla Movie

Bengali Movie Shaan By Siam, Puja

Shaan (শান) is one of the Bengali movies of 2022. Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri, two young actors from Bangladesh, are playing the lead roles in the movie. Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri have previously acted in two movies together. The two movies are quite successful. Hopefully, the third movie of this pair will be more successful. Today we will discuss in detail about Shaan Bangla Cinema. Also, those who want to download this movie can watch it below. Because the following instructions will be given on how to download Shaan Bangla movies.

Shaan Movie Summary 

Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri are playing the lead roles in the movie Shaan. The film is written by Azad Khan, scripted and dialogue by Nazim-ud-Daulah. Shaan is directed by MA Rahim. The film was produced by renowned production company Quick Multimedia. The film will also be served under the banner of Jazz Multimedia. We have seen before that many good movies have been served under the banner of Jazz Multimedia. Jazz Multimedia has given us some good movies. So it is hoped that Shaan Bangla Movie will be able to meet the demand of viewers under the banner of Jazz Multimedia.

Shaan Movie Shooting 

The shooting of the Shaan Bangla movie started in 2019. The first shooting of this movie started in Uttara of Dhaka. Later this movie was shot in different places in the country and abroad. It took a long time to finish shooting the first phase of this movie. The first phase of the shooting continues till the day before Eid-ul-Fitr. The shooting of the second phase of the movie started from Zinda Park in Narayanganj. Later the shooting of this movie was held in Savar, Dhaka. Shaan movie hero Siam Ahmed was injured during the shooting in Savar. The Shaan Bangla movie was supposed to be released a long time ago. But due to some problems, the release of the film was delayed. The poster of the movie was released on 11th August 2019. It was mentioned that the film will be released on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Shaan Movie Story

A closer look at the trailer of the Bengali movie Shaan reveals that for the first time a ship was floating in the sea. They were later apprehended by a helicopter and a Navy unit. It is seen that some people are being trafficked across the sea. The investigation of this case shows that many people were killed by cutting off various parts of their body such as kidneys, liver, etc.

Later, those organs were smuggled to other countries. All these people who were taken for employment in developed countries are killed as described above. Later a team was appointed to find out who is involved in this work in Bangladesh. One of the officers of that team is Siam Ahmed, the protagonist of this film. The last part of the trailer shows Siam Ahmed’s dual character.

Watch Online Shaan (শান) Movie

But looking at Taylor’s story in the movie, it is hoped that the movie will be able to meet the needs of the audience. So if you want to enjoy the movie, you must go to the cinema and watch the movie. As an alternative, the movie may be released on the OTT platform in Bangladesh in a few days. Then you can watch the movie online through a subscription. However, there are many people who will not be able to watch the movie through a subscription.

We will ask them to follow alternative measures. The next part of the article will give instructions on how to watch the movie for free. So if you want to download the movie online for free, follow the instructions below. However, in order to keep the film industry of Bangladesh alive, we must go to the cinema hall and enjoy the movies.

Shaan Movie / Cinema Download

Now we will provide Shaan Bangla movie / Cinema / Film download link. But it is illegal to watch movies by downloading them for free online. If you can, go to the cinema and enjoy the movie. The movie will be released on the OTT platform after the movie is released in all cinemas of Bangladesh. Shortly after the movie is released on the OTT platform, you can download the Shaan Bangla movie on different websites. The Shaan movie has not been uploaded to any website yet. So it is not possible to provide the download link of this movie at the moment. We will upload this site as soon as we get the official download link.

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