Man And Climate Class 9 HW Section: D Answer

Man And Climate

A Discuss the questions in pairs.

1 Can man influence the climate? If the answer is yes, explain how?

2 Which human activities are responsible for increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

3 How can trees help save our environment?

Now read the text below and find answers to the above questions.

Humans can neither change the sun’s radiation nor the earth’s orbit around the sun. But they can control the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases and its effect on the atmosphere. Only during the last hundred years the carbon dioxide concentration has been raised alarmingly in the atmosphere and we humans can be held responsible for this.

The main cause of the increase in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels. Since the end of the 19th century, industrial activities increased rapidly giving rise to many factories. These factories required energy, which was produced through the combustion of coal. Besides coal, other sources of energy such as mineral oil and natural gas were also burned to heat our houses, run cars and airplanes or to produce electricity. Nowadays, about 85 million barrels of crude oil are burned daily. Every time a fossil raw material is burned, it releases carbon dioxide into the air.

Therefore, it is clear that more and more greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are being generated worldwide by humans. Moreover, we are also strengthening the greenhouse effect by deforestation, which means cutting down trees. Every year enormous areas of forests are destroyed by people to obtain wood and to clear regions for mining and to create pasture. This loss of the forest causes dual problems. Trees that are burned up release large volumes of carbon dioxide gas into the air. On the other hand, as forests absorb a lot of carbon dioxide from the air and deliver oxygen instead, we also destroy an important storehouse of carbon dioxide when we clear forests.

HW Section: D. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about growing deforestation in your area. Describe how deforestation is changing your environment. Also suggest what actions could be taken to stop cutting down trees. Follow the clues below.

  • dangers caused by deforestation
  • increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • the greenhouse effect
  • making people aware of the adverse effect of deforestation
  • making an action plan to stop deforestation

Answer Of The Question HW Section: D





Imdadul Haque Milon

Daily  Kalerkontho

Plot: 371/A, block: D, Basundhara, Baridhara

Subject: Random cutting  of trees in the locality.

Respected Sir,

[সমাধান করেছেন newresultbd.com]

Through your pompous daily, I want to draw your essential attention to the cutting of trees that is not authorized in our area. Moreover, the people of our society have witnessed a great number of decreases in the number of trees that were flourishing in our area. This has become a great cause of worry for the whole society. This is going on for the last three weeks. Later, we formed a group to research the number of trees that were missing. The fact-sheet showed that seventeen well-grown trees were devastated. There are more than ninety trees still in society and we are being careful so that they can be saved.

However, this is a big problem and I would like your help in featuring this inappropriate destruction of the fauna. It can prove to be a great attempt in further deforestation that is unauthorized. I hope that you will help us in fighting this condition that is disturbing the ecological balance of nature.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Toufik Rana

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