In 4th week class 6 English second paper assignment there is a home word about your Train station or Bus station visit experience. Here you have to describe the similar or dissimilar between Train station and Bus station.

My Experience About Similar or Dissimilar Between Railway Station and/or Bus Station

HW: Have you ever visited a railway station and/or bus station? How are they similar or dissimilar? Narrate your experience there in 200 words answering the following questions:

When did you go there?

Who accompanied you?

Why did you go there?

What did you see there?

What was very interesting to you?

What didn’t you like that much?

Add some visuals that support your ideas


My Experience About Similar or Dissimilar Between Railway Station and/or Bus Station

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Railway station and bus station is one of the most well-known place for all. Most of the people some time or many times go there for many reasons. I also have gone so many times to railway station and also bus station in my life. There are so many similarities between them. They both are very much crowdie and noisy. People from different places come here.

First time I went to a bus stand with my father. We went there to receive my grandfather who had come to visit us. And 1st time I went to a railway station to go my aunt’s house. That time I was with my uncle. He used to tell me a lot of thing about the railway station.  Both of the places we have to buy ticket to travel. There I saw so many interesting things. A lot of people from different places came to the station. Bus/ Train is coming and going all the time. People use to get in them and some time they come out from the bus or train. I also saw some little children are begging and hawkering there. And I feel so bad for them. They are quite interesting places for me.

Class 6 English 4th Week Assignment Answer

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