“The place I visited last year” paragraph for Class 8 4th week Assignment. ইংরেজী এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান। ‍Suppose You Visited A Place Last Year Paragraph.

Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe that place answering the following questions:

  1. Where did you visit?
  2. Why did you go there?
  3. How did you go there?
  4. Who accompanied you?
  5. Did you like the place? Why/Why not?

Paragraph is very important for the students for higher secondary school students. So, they must be prepared for writing paragraph. They must know how to write a paragraph. Because a good paragraph can help to get a good mark in examination.

How to write a paragraph

There are some steps to write a paragraph. May be most of the students use to memorize paragraph from a note book or guide. But it is not good for a student. You can find every information about how to write a paragraph in this website. There are three part of a paragraph. First, the beginning, second, description and third, the conclusion.

In this week the students of class 8 get assignment to write a paragraph on “The place I visited last year”.

The place I Visited Last Year


Assignment Solution By newresultbd.com

Traveling is always a great fun for me. Last year I went to my uncle’s house in Sylhet. Last year, in the summer holiday, my uncle invited me and my family to go there . I told my father about that. He told me that he couldn’t go with us neither mother. So I called my friends to go with me. 3 of them agreed to go with me.We decided that we would go there by bus. Though it will take too much time, but we love the bus journey. We  started the journey early in the morning. It took almost 7 hours to reach there. My uncle welcomed us warmly. We went to my uncle house and take some rest, have some food and gossiped too much that day. Next day we decided to go travel Sylhet. We already choose some place to go. At first we went to the Bisanakandi. Bisanakandi is a very beautiful place, adorned with hills, stones, waterfall and river. We spend more than 3 hours there. Then we went to the Shahjahal Darga Sharif. It is really a holly place. More than thousands people came to take prayer in here from home and abroad. Then we also went to the Lalakhal, Pang Thu Pai, Khadim Nagar National Park, and specially the tea garden. We take several kinds of tea and they all are delicious. We spend 5 days there. And the last day we went to see Juflong. It is really an amazing place. I really enjoy those days very much. I can’t forget the journey.

Class 8 English 4th Week Assignment All Answer

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