DU B Unit English MCQ Question Solution 2021

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Dhaka University B Unit English MCQ Question Solution 2021

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1. The expression ‘to commence’ means –

A. to start

B. incorporate

C. to defend

D. to focus

2. Make an appropriate question from this – statement: “The class will begin at 8.30 a.m.”

A. When will the class held?

B. Where will the class be held?

C. When the class will begin?

D. At what time will the class begin?

3. Choose the correct spelling from the following

A. ntijen

B. Antegen

C. Antigen

D. Antygen

4. The Peace movement tends to oppose the_____of dangerous technologies and weapons of mass destruction

A. extermination

B. smuggling

C. minimization

D. proliferation

5. Shilpi insisted me my going home-

A. from

B. on

C. to

D. in

6. Change into reported form: “I’ll have a cup of tea”, my friend said, “because I’m not hungry.

A. My friend said that he will have a cup of tea because he wasn’t hungry.

B. My friend said that he would have had a cup of tea because he wasn’t hungry.

C. My friend said that he had had a cup of tea because he wasn’t hungry.

D. My friend said that he would have a cup of tea because he wasn’t hungry.

7. His friend accused him of spilling the beans. The bold faced phrase means –

A. cooking beans

B. buying coins

C. revealing secrets

D. spilling a bag of beans

8. ‘It has made it possible for people all over the planet to reach out and touch someone.’ The blue faced word refers to –


B. www

C. Microchip

D. Pacemaker

9. Poetry in every language celebrates beauty and truth.

A. So does art.

B. So as art.

C. As well as art.

D. Why not art?

10. ‘A mechanical organization’ should not be related to a –

A. workshop

B. warehouse

C. butcher shop

D. university

11. The idiom which is not related to the concept: ‘a positive attitude.

A. sour grapes

B. get up and go

C. shot in the arm

D. rose-tinted glasses

12. The early 20th century Bangladeshi Diaspora in Britain was chiefly a _____phenomenon.

A. non-professional

B. specific region based

C. predominant

D. well planned

13. Elizabeth unwillingly undertook the sea voyage.’ The passive form of the sentence is –

A. The sea voyage was undertaken by Elizabeth unwillingly.

B. The sea voyage is undertaken by Elizabeth unwillingly.

C. Unwillingly by Elizabeth, the sea voyage undertaken.

D. The sea voyage had undertaken by Elizabeth unwillingly.

14. __________ is not a synonym of the word ‘snarl.

A. Confusion

B. Disarray

C. Intricacy

D. Disentangle

15. There are several likely reasons why Asians are not prioritized in medical research in the West. The blue faced word is used as a/an –

A. conjunction

B. noun

C. verb

D. adjective

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