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NTRCA Public Circular 2022 With Vacant Post List

NTRCA District Wise Vacancy List 2022

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NTRCA Public Circular 2022, in continuation of NTRCA 3rd Public Circular, Special Public Circular-2022 has been published in private schools-colleges, madrasas and technical institutes. On February 8, the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) issued a public notice. Check NTRCA Vacant Post.

The 3rd public notification of NTRCA has published the list of 15173 vacant seats for MPO non-MPO posts in schools, colleges, madrasas, technical and business management departments. Of these, 12,708 MPOs and 2,357 non-MPOs have been asked to apply online for the original.

List of vacant posts of 3rd recruitment of private educational institutions 2022

Those of you who will apply to private schools-colleges, madrasas and technical institutes in the light of NTRCA 3rd mass notification will get the details of application to private schools-colleges, madrasas and technical institutes in the light of NTRCA 3rd mass notification through this article.

We will discuss in this article how to apply for NTRCA registration. How to view NTRCA’s district based vacancies. Then How NTRCA will apply to private schools-colleges, madrasas and technical institutes in the light of 3rd mass notification. All these issues will be discussed in detail. So read this article till the end to know the information of NTRCA 3rd mass notification.

NTRCA job Circular 2022 apply online

You have already said that 15173 vacancies will be filled through this year’s special NTRCA 3rd mass notification. Of these, 12,608 are MPOs and 2,358 are non-MPOs. Here’s how to apply for these positions online:

To apply for NTRCA online, one has to go to You can complete your application by going to the above website and filling and submitting the form correctly online. Then submitting the form online, you will be given all the instructions including depositing money via SMS on your mobile.

Moreover, from the website you will get all the information of the special public notice and details of the application process. Check NTRCA Vacant Post .

Ntrca Vacancy List 2022 -NTRCA Job application

It is important to note that in the case of NTRCA applications online,

  • In case of filling up the form, other information including the spelling of the applicant’s name should be similar to the information given while filling up the Teacher Registration Examination Form.
  • The applicant must save a printed copy of his submitted application.
  • In case of female educational institution, only female candidates can apply for the post of Assistant Teacher Physical Education.
  • Once the application form is submitted after filling the form, it will not be an opportunity for correction in any way.
  • On the basis of the subject-based registration certificate obtained by NTRCA, the certificate holder can apply to all the institutions mentioned in the list as opposed to its respective subjects / subjects displayed in e-Advertisement.
  • According to the latest manpower structure and MPO policy issued by the Ministry of Education. So the candidate must apply only to the relevant posts and institutions mentioned in his teacher registration certificate.
    Legal action will be taken against the applicant if he / she receives the recommendation by providing false information.
  • As the age limit for teachers with index is relaxed as per the MPO policy. So all the teachers who are currently working in private educational institutions as registration certificate holders can also apply for recruitment online.
  • Applicants for the post of Assistant Teacher (Religion and Moral Education) must follow that religion. Must be

NTRCA Circular 2022 PDF 

Therefore NTRCA Special Public Notification 2022 has issued notification for appointment to 15 thousand 325 posts. Candidates. So who will apply within the stipulated time will get recommendation for appointment only after verification. NTRCA recruitment application starts from 8th February. (NTRCA) NTRCA’s application will end on February 25 at 12 noon. The application fee has been fixed at 100 rupees. So those who will apply will confirm the application by depositing money within the stipulated time. However, the application fee must be submitted within 72 hours of application.Check NTRCA Vacant Post. 

List of District Based Teacher Vacancies 2022

The list of district wise vacancies for recruitment of NTRCA teachers can be seen at the following address-

If you copy the link above and paste it in the address bar of your browser, you will see a list of vacancies like the picture below.

এন টি আর সি এ গণবিজ্ঞপ্তি ২০২২

Now select the Institute of District option by clicking on the Select box containing Choose One. Now two more new select boxes will come. Here is one department, the other district.

If the division is selected, the list of all the districts under that division will come. So Now select the district. Asakari has seen the list of vacancies in the respective districts.

Ntrca application form 2022

Those who will apply online in the context of notification from NTRCA. They will understand everything and will slowly confirm your application. Also, if you do not understand something. So you can let us know in the comments. I hope you have benefited from this post. So if you like it, you can share this article with your friends. Thanks for staying with me till the end.

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