iPhone x price in Bangladesh

iphone x price

Apple just released the newest iteration of their iPhone lineup, the iPhone X. The phone is packed with features and has a price tag to match. Here are some key things to know if you’re thinking about buying an iPhone X. iphone is the most wanted mobile phone in Bangladesh. In this post, we’re going to publish the iphone x price in Bangladesh.

The display is the most important factor when choosing an iPhone. The new iPhone X has a 6.5-inch OLED display that is Super Retina quality. It’s also the first Apple product with this type of display. If you’re used to using smaller screens on your phones, the difference in size and resolution will be noticeable.

One of the major features of the iPhone X is Face ID. This technology uses a TrueDepth camera system to scan your face and authenticate you without having to enter a passcode or answer any questions.

Why iPhone is the most popular phone

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. It has been on the market for almost 10 years and it continues to be popular. There are many reasons why iPhone is so popular.

First, iPhone is an Apple product. This means that Apple makes sure that all of the features of iPhone are top notch. This gives iPhone a high quality feel and makes it stand out from other phones.

Second, iPhone is simple to use. Unlike some phones which have a lot of features but are difficult to use, iPhone is easy to use without having to learn a lot of complicated settings. This makes it accessible to a wider range of people than other phones.

Third, there are a lot of different styles and colors available foriPhone. This means that anyone can find an iPhone that matches their style and personality.

Benefits and features of iPhone X

iPhone X is the latest generation of Apple’s iconic smartphone. It comes with a number of benefits and features that set it apart from its predecessors. First and foremost, iPhone X is the first phone to come with a face scanner, allowing users to unlock their device without having to type in a passcode.

Another noteworthy feature of iPhone X is its A12 Bionic chip, which is said to be 40% faster than the A11 Bionic found in other iPhones. In addition, the phone sports an edge-to-edge display that makes it look more like a computer screen than a traditional smartphone screen.

Finally, iPhone X also has Wireless Charging capabilities that allow users to charge their device without having to plug it into an outlet.

iPhone x price in Bangladesh – Today July 7, 2022

Apple is expected to release the new iPhone on September 12th, 2019. While there is no confirmed information on what the new phone will be called, rumors suggest it will be called the “iPhone X.” The iPhone X price is unknown at this time, but analysts are estimating it could range from $1,000 to $1,200.

Model Price
64 GB ৳84,999
256 GB ৳120,500

The iPhone X is the newest phone in Apple’s lineup. It has a lot of new features, including a face scanner and wireless charging. The iPhone X costs $999, which is more than the other iPhones. But it’s worth it because of all the new features.

Apple has announced the iPhone X, their new flagship phone. The iPhone X is a radical departure from previous iPhones, with a dramatically new design and no Home button. The price of the iPhone X starts at $999, making it one of the most expensive smartphones on the market.

বাংলাদেশে iPhone x এর দাম – Today July 7, 2022

Apple 12ই সেপ্টেম্বর, 2019-এ নতুন আইফোন প্রকাশ করবে বলে আশা করা হচ্ছে৷ যদিও নতুন ফোনটির নাম কী হবে সে সম্পর্কে কোনও নিশ্চিত তথ্য না থাকলেও, গুজব বলছে এটিকে “iPhone X” বলা হবে৷ আইফোন এক্স এর দাম এই মুহুর্তে অজানা, তবে বিশ্লেষকরা অনুমান করছেন যে এটি $1,000 থেকে $1,200 পর্যন্ত হতে পারে।

iPhone X অ্যাপলের লাইনআপের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে নতুন ফোন। এতে ফেস স্ক্যানার এবং ওয়্যারলেস চার্জিং সহ অনেক নতুন বৈশিষ্ট্য রয়েছে। iPhone X এর দাম $999, যা অন্যান্য iPhones থেকে বেশি। কিন্তু সব নতুন বৈশিষ্ট্যের কারণে এটি মূল্যবান।

অ্যাপল তাদের নতুন ফ্ল্যাগশিপ ফোন iPhone X ঘোষণা করেছে। iPhone X হল আগের iPhones থেকে একটি আমূল প্রস্থান, একটি নাটকীয়ভাবে নতুন ডিজাইন এবং কোন হোম বোতাম নেই৷ iPhone X এর দাম $999 থেকে শুরু হয়, এটিকে বাজারে সবচেয়ে ব্যয়বহুল স্মার্টফোনগুলির মধ্যে একটি করে তুলেছে৷