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HSC Board Challenge Result 2019

After Board Challenge HSC Result 2019 published. You can get your HSC Board Challenge, re-verify, Khata mullayon, Re-scrutiny result by PDF Download.

HSC Board Challenge Result 2019 has been published today. After publishing HSC result, the eboardresults gave an opportunity to challenge or review exam paper. Students who has challenged their results they are waiting for Re-scrutiny and challenged HSC result publish. After re-scrutiny HSC Result has finally been released after waiting of all.

Board Challenge HSC Result checking option is different from HSC result checking option. So most of the students who reviewed their result are no knowledge about how to know the result. In this case, in this article I am going to describe about how to get HSC board challenge result 2019? How to get board wise New reviewed HSC result? etc etc. Read full article to know HSC Board Challenge Result for all education boards.

HSC Board Challenge Result 2019

HSC result is an important part of students life. Because after HSC, students get admit their dream University or Institutes. Every University or Institute has ruled some qualifications to get admit. In this case students need higher GPA to get admit to best Institute. So after result publish, students knowing their GPA or marks, they make decision to re-scrutiny their result. If the points are increased by re-scrutiny or challenge the result, the path to better Institute admission will be easier. HSC board challenge process occurred between 17th to 24 August. After completing board challenge process students want to know their result. However I am telling with my experience that the result will publish after 30 days to 45 days of challenge process. So we can guess that HSC board challenge result will publish between 25 August to 15 September. After result publish, I’ll update here as soon as possible.

HSC Re-scrutiny Result

HSC re scrutiny, challenge, review, verify result is available here. Each education board publishes their board challenge result on their website as PDF file. Remember, in the pdf you can found only changed result. If you can not find your name or roll number in the result list then your result has no change. Board challenge HSC result pdf download link below.

Barisal Board HSC Re-scrutiny Result 2019 Download

HSC Re-scrutiny Hesult of Sylhet Board 2019 Download

Chittagong Board HSC Re-scrutiny Result 2019 Download

Comilla Board HSC Re-scrutiny Result 2019 Download

Alim Re-scrutiny Result of Madrasah Board 2019 Download

 Dhaka Board HSC Rescrutiny Result 2019 Download

Dinajpur Board HSC Re-scrutiny Result 2019 Download

HSC Re-scrutiny Result of Rajshahi Board 2019 Download

Technical Board HSC Re-scrutiny Result 2019 Download

HSC Re-scrutiny Result of Jessore Board 2019 Download

Finally the result has been published. So I wish every participated students success. If you have any question feel free to tell us. After all, do not forget to share this post. Your share inspire us to write.

To know your HSC Board review result, join our group and post your Roll number and  Board to our group.

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  1. hsc re-exam/rescurity r result ta kivabe pabo?

    1. Result Ber Hoile Protita Board Er PDF Link Add Kore Dibo. Ajjke Jessore Board Er Result Ber Hoyece. Amra Result PDF Link Add Kore Diyeci.

      1. Rajshahi board er aj dibe r time kkn

        1. Ajjke Dite Pare. Time To Bola Jaccena. Dile Amra Ekhane Update Kore Dibo.

          1. Vaia.. Abar recheck deyar ki kono niom ache?
            Jaderta ebar rescurity te chng ashe nai ba jara rescurity dite pare nai?

          2. Er kono way ba sujog nai.

    2. Jaky Ahmad Chowdhury

      SYLHET board er kokhon ashbe?

      1. Sylhet Board Result Published

        1. Chattogram board result ki dice

          1. Amaer website er likha gula valo vabe porun. Onk agei diye diyeci.

  2. Comilla board er kokhon ber hobe resul?

    1. Ajjkeo hote pare! Kichudin somoy o lagte pare!

  3. Dhaka board result kokhon publish hobe??

    1. Jekono somoy hote pare. Date announce koreni. 2-1 dinei hoye jabe asa korci.

      1. vaya Rajshahi board er result ki published hoyeche??

  4. Dhaka board at results kokhon diby

    1. Amader Facebook group e join korun dhaka board er result publish hoile amra janiye dibo.

  5. Rajshahi board ar kobe ber hobe???

    1. Shob Board Er Result e Diye Dicce.. Asa Korci Ajjkei Dite Pare….

      1. Bhaiya comilla board er result ki dice

        1. Upni post porun valo kore. Onkkhon agei deya hoyce. Post na porei ki comment korcen?

        2. Kibabe ba kon website theke dekhbo result poriborton hoeche naki joining tar link ta pathaben pls

          1. Ei page ei protita board er challenge er result pdf link dewa ase. Khuje dekhun.

  6. Rajshahi board er result kokhon dibe?

  7. Rajshahi board ki dise result?

    1. Akhono Deini, Tobe Khub Taratari Diye Dibe. Amrao Seta Download Link Add Kore Dibo.

  8. 5 ta subject ami challenge korci but amar result sudu 1 ta subject er ashce karon ta ki??? Bujjlam naa?

    1. 5 Ta Subject e Challenge Korecilen But Result Change Hoyece Only Ekta Subject Er. Tai Ekta Subject Show Korce.

      1. Ami 5 ta te e sure cilam jee amar result change hobe…Comilla board er…ict te sure cilam but seta ashe ni..aita ki holo bujjlam naa🤔

    1. Dhaka Board Result Has Published

      1. Vai pdf ta koi pabo?

      2. Result ta koi pabo dhaka board er ?

        1. Ei Post Er Moddhei Download Link Dewa Ase Dekhun.

  9. Dinajpur Board Er Result Kkn Dibe?

    1. Dinajpur Result Publish Hoilei Amrao Link Diye Dibo.

  10. Vaiya Rajshahi Board kokhon dibe?

    1. Kichukkhon Opekkha Korun.

  11. dhaka board hobe kokhon?

    1. Dhaka Board Hoye Gace. PDF Download Option Dekhte Paben. Khuje Dekhun.

  12. Result ki sms e janacche? Rajshahi board er ta kokhn dibe?

    1. Changed Result PDF Er Maddhole Publish Korce. Rajshahi Board Akhono Deini. Khub Taratari Diye Dibe.

  13. comilla board er result kokhon dive

    1. Comilla Board Result Has Published. Check Our Website For Result.

  14. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan

    Technical board a kokhon Ber hobe

    1. Koyekdin Er Moddhei Diye Dibe…. Maybe Kalke Ba Porshu…

  15. Vaia please Update Rajshahi Board Resul… Advance Thanks.💚💙💚💛

  16. dinajpurboard challenge result kakhon deaba?

  17. Objective e jodi 1mark er jonno fail ashe tahole ki challenge korle results change hoy na?

    1. MCQ e challenge korle to luv nai.

  18. Vaiya ei result er vitor roll khuje pacchi na.tahole kivabe result pabo vai

    1. Result Er Moddhe Roll Khuje Na Pawa Mane Upnar Result Change Hoini.

  19. Dinajpur board er result ki akhono deyni?

  20. Sylhet board ar Board chalang result kobe ber hobe

    1. Shob Board Er Result Ber Hoye Gace

  21. Dinajpur board challenge result kokhon pabo?

    1. Ei Matro Publish Korlam

  22. accha dhaka board ar under a jotu gula exm hoise sob gula ki aigula naki aru ase jila bittik

    1. Full Dhaka Board

  23. ami result challenge korechi but amr roll ase nai.. tar mane ki amar result change hy nai??

    1. Dukkhito but Jodi list e name na thake tahole upnar result change hoini.

  24. eitar confermation kivabe pabo??

    1. No confirmation. List e name thakle ase nahole result change hoini

      1. ora kono sms send korbe na?? change hoise or hy nai??

  25. ami akta roll no check korsi dhk board er but passina,biology er ,previous result fail celo , 146798 roll…roll show korsena,naki jodi previous result fail then chellenge er por o fail hole roll show korena……

    1. Upnar result jodi change hoito mane jodi pass korten tahole result peten. Jehetu list e upnar roll nai, tar mane result fail e ache.

  26. Amr result ashe ni..tar mane ki amr result same ache??

    1. Haa, Upnar Result Same Ache.

      1. result unchanged hole ki message ashe na?ami kono message e pai nai?ar karon ki?

        1. Kono sms ashbena. Jader result change hobe sudhu tader roll number e list e thakbe.

  27. Ajker pore kono result ashbe ar?

    1. Er Pore Er Kono Result Challenge Kora Jabena & Ashbeo Na.

  28. Ekhane jeshob board er result publish hoyche segulo ki puropuri naki baki ache…plz janaben ektu

    1. Jegula Board Er Result Publish Hoyece Segula Shob Ee Purapuri / Full.

  29. Amer board challenge korci, bt amer roll assa nai kno???? Mobial massage assa nai!!!!

    1. Jader result change hobe sudhu tader name / roll list e thakbe. Upnar ta nai tar mane upnar result change hoini.

  30. Dhaka board er sob result deyoa sesh?naki naki ache

  31. Bhai,
    I have no change in HSC re scrutiny result. I want to know that further any process in quary or re-examine not scrutiny about HSC result 2019, please tell me.

    1. You cannot challenge your result again. But you can do participate full HSC exam again. If you want then contact your college.

  32. Apply korle roll & result ashey na emon o hoy?

    1. Apply korle kichui ashbena. But Jodi Rsult Change Hoy Tahole Result Ashbe List e.

  33. i challanged (DB) but couldn’t find my result in the PDF .

  34. waiting list ar ta kobe diba result

    1. Board challenge er waiting list hoyna.

  35. Board a geya khata dakhr ba result change korar kono sojok aca?

  36. Akhon ki board a gala o kono kaj hoba nh

    1. Amar janamote na. Upni try korte paren.

  37. Vai madrasha bord er sob result ki published hoiyya gesa nki?

    1. Alim / Madrasah Shob Result has Published

      1. Bord challenge korsilam yes/or No kono sms e to aslo na amr teletalk sim a

        1. Payment successful hoyecilo? Jodi hoye thake tahole challenge application hoyece! Tobe Result e jodi name / roll number na thake tahole result change hoini.

  38. tecnical borad ar result koi

    1. Ase Dekhen…. Download Link

  39. ajka to jamalpur ar result pilm chng hoise bro roll aise pas aise kinto result dekta gale faild e dahiytase tahola kmna ki

    1. PDF file e jodi upnar result change hoyece dekhai tahole upnar result change hoyece. Online e result search e ager result dekhacce tai fail bolce maybe. pdf er result ta update result.

    2. Excuse me plz bolan ki kora pailan ajka result

      1. Upnar kotha bujhte parlam na. Kindly amader contact page e giye phone din.

    3. Maruf sir plz bolan ajka ki kora result ta palan

    4. Mr.Maruf plz bolan ki kora ajka apni result palan

    5. Mr.maruf apnar result ta ki kora palan bolan plz

  40. Technical er to pdf file disse na,kivabe Pablo?

    1. Technical er link e giye 1st ei result dekhte paben. Google drive e niye jabe. tarpor seta open korun.

  41. Jamalpur toh Dhaka board ar under a nh to maruf ajka ki vaba result pailo ata just janta chaici

    1. I don’t know! Ask Maruf about it.

      1. admin plz halp ki kora kal maruf result palo akta jana bolan plz

        1. Ami to Jamalpur er kono result alada vabe dekhte paccina.

  42. Mr.maruf ajka ki vaba apni result palan akto bolban plz

  43. vai amar board challenge kore result chainge hoice..

    amar tecnical board…. pdf file e amar roll er pase gpa 5 asce…bt online e roll registasion diye search dile akhono ager motoi ak sub fell dakhay….atar karon ba somadhan ki apnar kace ace?????

    1. PDF er result ta online e akhono update hoini. Ejonnow online e search dile ager ta dekhacce!

    2. Vaiya apnader maddhome ki result change korte parbo vai amar kuv proyujon vai parle boilen vai

  44. Hlw I’ma Marzan Ahmed
    Technical er results kundin debo

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