How to stop hairspray flaking all over your body

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Hairspray is a complicated devil: it may make you feel suffocated, itching, and suffocated, and it can leave your hair broken and difficult to brush. Hairspray, on the other hand, is your savior when you’ve spent a lot of time with a curling iron and don’t want your hard work to go to waste by lunchtime. Some of the nasty things are unavoidable and urgent, but the sweating and itching are more than compensated for by the long-term beauty of your haircut.

However, there is one drawback that might make you reconsider using hairspray in the future: flakiness. You know it’s not dandruff because it looks like it. Unfortunately, you can’t walk up to every single individual at work and tell them that the white dust on your shoulders is actually hairspray, not dead scalp tissue. (Wouldn’t that be strange?) Rather, stop the flakes from forming.

Try to use a good branded clarifying shampoo 

Hairspray accumulation is just a no. Hairspray gunk will accumulate on top of previous hairspray gunk if you don’t get rid of it, as the term indicates. Try to use a good branded clarifying shampoo every few washes to thoroughly purify your hair.

Other self-development and self solutions include mixing baking soda with your present shampoo. Baking soda is fantastic for cleaning, so make use of it here. One tablespoon in a palmful of shampoo should be enough. Remember to rinse thoroughly and never treat near your base. That leads to further accumulation.

Also, be cautious while stacking products: While detanglers and end up leaving conditioners are fantastic after a bath, and mousse and other style products may really assist immediately until you blow dry or curl your hair, you can’t just throw everything on your head at once and expect it to stay there. Just choose the ones that are most appropriate to your style on that particular day.

Spray in the proper manner

One of the causes of hairspray flaking and shedding might be the way you spray it the first time.

“Holding the can 6 to 8 inches away from the scalp is the best technique to keep hairspray from flaking,” said Laurel Rush, a New York-based hairdresser with a decade of experience. “Spraying too near to the skin might create accumulation and flaking.”

Also, don’t spray your hair in one location for too long. As you spray, make quick, even passes up and down your hair. Saturating some portions too much, whether by moving too slowly or keeping the nozzle too near, will only make them crunchy and eventually flake. Don’t use too much spray. Only one or two passes are required.

Hayley Heckmann, a hairdresser in Los Angeles, told Lifehacker that the best way to minimize flaking is to avoid spraying hairspray straight on hair. Instead, she recommends spraying a brush with hairspray and then brushing your hair with the soaked bristles.

“For all-over hold, I favor a boar-bristle brush or a toothbrush to tame flyaways and baby hairs,” she added. “You get the grip of a hairspray but none of the stiffness or flaking that comes with spraying it straight onto the hair.”

Look for a hairspray with a little higher strength rating if your hair isn’t holding nicely. Also, pay attention to your nozzle. Instead of a straight, narrow spritz, you need one that sprays a delicate, broad mist. Run the nozzle under hot water to remove any residue from the aperture if your spray is spraying a rather more focused stream than usual.

“There are a lot of different shampoos on the market,” Rush explained, adding that they come in varying “hold” grades. “Know whatever you need your hairspray to accomplish before you buy it—whether you want volume, sheen, or it to function like dry shampoo.”

Select high-quality hair products

On that topic, better things are worth paying more for. To figure to see which hairspray actually works for you, you’ll have to depend on trial and error (and, perhaps, other people’s time and practice, thanks to internet reviews). As Rush mentioned, there are a variety of strengths, finishes, and specializations to choose from. You risk being irritated, spraying too much, generating the dreaded buildup, and could see flaking if you don’t choose one that’s right for the appearance you’re going for.

While you’re out shopping, Rush suggests trying a travel size while getting a full bottle. Don’t worry if your hairspray is still flaking all on you while you’re looking for a replacement. Pull the flakes off your shirt with the adhesive side of a piece of tape, and avoid messing with or moving your hair too much.

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