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Class 6 English 4th Week Assignment Answer

Class 6 English 4th Week Assignment Answer

English 4th Week Assignment Answer, 4th Soptaho Uttor, ইংরেজী ৪র্থ সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান, চতুর্থ সপ্তাহের ইংরেজী প্রশ্নের উত্তর। English 1st & 2nd Answer, Paragraph, Grammar. The 4th week assignment syllabus has been published. After getting the 4th week English assignment questions we are starting to question solves. You will get all answer very soon.

Dear Class Six students, The directorate of secondary and higher secondary DSHE authority has already published the 4th week class 6 English assignment. If you are a student of class six and looking for the assignment, you can collect it from there today. We also publish your assignment on our website here after collecting it from the official sources. In this article, we will discuss everything about your 4th week class 6 English assignment. We have also arranged the PDF file of your class 6 assignment on English subject. We would like to say that you all should focus more on this subject as it is a very important subject all over your education life.

Are you looking for 4th week class 6 English assignments Solutions? Then you can download the answer right this place. We solve 4th week English Assignment & uploaded it here for your help. You can download as photo & PDF Format. English is very difficult subject than other subject for class 6 students. For solving the assignment, they are facing great difficulties. In order to help them out we have prepared assignment solution for English. Then let’s download the answers to your assignments below.

This post is very important for you if you want to know all the information about the assignment. Because in this post we have discussed all the information related to class six assignments step by step in detail size. So hopefully, our post will play a very important role for you. Here you will find answers to your 4th week English assignments. If you want to get the answers to the 4th week English assignments Then read our post carefully. Because below is the answer to the assignment of 4th week English subject.

Class Six 4th week English Assignment

Today DSHE published class six 4th week assignment Syllabus. So, all class six students finding this syllabus Solutions. So, we can trying to get Solutions very fast. This is 4th week English Assignment for Class Six & the serial is 3rd Assigned Task. This English assignment unit and title of the lesson name is English Crammer & Composition for class Six.  This assigned unit name is Punctuation and capitalization. & so other task here in this syllabus. We solve all Assignment questions. So, you can download here in your task & complete your 4th week English Assignment well done.

Class 6 English 4th Week Assignment Syllabus & Answer

Class 6 English 4th Week Assignment

Unit and Title of the 4th week English Assignment Of Class Six

Lesson English Grammar and Composition for Class 6

Unit 8: Punctuation and capitalization

Assigned Tasks/ Assignment For 4th week English Assignment Of Class Six

HW: Activity 1, 2, 3 (উত্তর নিচের দিকে রয়েছে)

HW: Have you ever visited a railway station and/or bus station? How are they similar or dissimilar? Narrate your experience there in 200 words answering the following questions:

When did you go there?

Who accompanied you?

Why did you go there?

What did you see there?

What was very interesting to you?

What didn’t you like that much?

Add some visuals that support your ideas

Assessment Criteria 4th week English Assignment Of Class Six

Teacher will check Proper use of punctuation and in paragraph, ideas in content, language, organization, communication, spelling, grammar

English 4th Week Assignment Solution For Class 6

Activity 1 

1) b. Spain is a beautiful country: the beaches are warm, sandy and spotlessly clean.

2) a. The children’s books were all left in the following places: Mrs Smith’s room, Mr Powell’s office and the caretaker’s cupboard.

3) a. She always enjoyed sweets, chocolate and toffee.

4) a. I can’t see Tim’s car, there must have been an accident.

5) a. Tim’s gran, a formidable woman, always bought him chocolate, cakes, sweets and a nice fresh apple.

6) c. We decided to visit Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy’s mountains.

Activity 2 

Answer: My best friend’s name is Emil. Emil, the only son of his parents, has so many good qualities. He is intelligent, brave and honest. We call him little detective. His curiosity about anything, is amazing. A few days ago, he went to Dhaka from his home town alone. He went by train. In the station, one of his relatives was waiting for him. After his return, we asked him,“Emil, were you afraid in the train?” He answered “Why should I? My father gave me clear instructions. And the people in the train loved me a lot”.

Activity 3

Answer: In Dhaka, Emil has got some new friends, Adnan; a student of St Gregory School, Sushen; a student of Mirpur Govt. Boys School and Lovely; a student of Kisholoy School. They’ve good contact with Emil. Yesterday, I went to Emil but I couldn’t see him. He wrote on a piece of paper, “Detective Emil is busy now”. He stuck that piece of paper on his door, so I left his place laughing.


I Have Visited A Railway Station And / Or Bus Station

Their Similarities Or Differences

Railway station and bus station is one of the most well-known place for all. Most of the people some time or many times go there for many reasons. I also have gone so many times to railway station and also bus station in my life. There are so many similarities between them. They both are very much crowdie and noisy. People from different places come here. First time I went to a bus stand with my father. We went there to receive my grandfather who had come to visit us. And 1st time I went to a railway station to go my aunt’s house. That time I was with my uncle. He used to tell me a lot of thing about the railway station. [NewResultBD.Com]  Both of the places we have to buy ticket to travel. There I saw so many interesting things. A lot of people from different places came to the station. Bus/ Train is coming and going all the time. People use to get in them and some time they come out from the bus or train. I also saw some little children are begging and hawkering there. And I feel so bad for them. They are quite interesting places for me.

Class 6 4th Week & 3rd Assignment Task Solution Computer Type Image & PDF Download

Class 6 4th Week & 3rd Assignment Task Solution Class 6 4th Week & 3rd Assignment Task Solution

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