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Dhaka University (DU) D Unit Result 2019

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Dhaka University D Unit Result 2019: DU Gha unit admission test result is going to publish. The university authorities will prepare the results of B unit examination and publish the results as soon as possible. Thus, there is a lot of stimulation among the applicants until the results are released. Such as When will the result be released? What will be my result? Shall I pass or not? etc etc. So to give them some comfort we are writing about the DU unit exam result 2019.

The topics discussed in this post: here you can know about Dhaka University D or GHA unit admission test result 2019. Further, some information related to DU D unit result. Such as about gha unit exam, result publish date, mark distributions, etc. In addition, the most important topic that we will discuss how to get Dhaka University (DU) D unit result 2019.

About Dhaka University D Unit Exam

Dhaka University Logo

D unit is group changing unit for all students in Dhaka university admission test. Though, Dhaka University has each group units for admission. But in this unit there is a chance for science students to go to arts or commerce subjects. as like as, commerce students to go to arts and humanities students to go to commerce subjects. If we talk about the exam of this unit, then all the group students will have to take exam in the same question paper. How can a merit list be tested if students of all groups are tested on the same question? In this case, the D unit also has separate subject seats for each group students. Though the question is same but the subject choice list will prefer group wise. Although the question is the same, the subject selection lists will be in the selected group-based seats. 

The D or GHA unit admission test exam was on 27 September 2019 at 10 AM to 11.30 AM. The examination has been conducted in a total of 86 centers in the university and outside. There are 1560 seats in the D unit, against which a total of 97,505 candidates have applied this year. Out of the number 200, the admission test mark is 120. Further, there are also 80 marks based on the results of the secondary and higher secondary examination.

Dhaka University admission test has two parts. MCQs like the previous tests are still in place, but this time there are a written tests as well. The MCQ and Written test consists of questions from 3 subjects like Bangla, English and GK.

Dhaka University D / GHA Unit Result Publish Date & Process

The D unit admission test result will publish within 15 days of exam. In previous, the time for result publish was 2 or 3 days. As this time has included written exam, so result will be published delay. This year, around 97,000 candidates participated for admission to the D unit. Then everyone’s written paper will be verified? The answer is no. So what is the process of preparing results?

First, the MCQ will be validated with the OMR machine. Then the written examination of the passers will be evaluated. From there the final result of the merit list will be published.

DU D Unit Result 2019

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Dhaka University D unit result will publish on DU’s official admission web page. Logging in to that webpage will show all your admission credentials. There will be an option to view the results beside to the application unit. For this, candidates need SSC and HSC exam roll numbers. In addition you can check your D unit result through mobile SMS also. However, let’s see all methods to get DU D Unit Result.

There are two methods for getting Dhaka University (DU) D unit admission result. Those are online and offline method.

How to get DU D / GHA Unit Result Online?

DU Login

Please visit to see the DU D/GHA unit result 2019.

Then, login with your SSC & HSC information.

After that you can see an option beside your applied unit if the result publish.

D Unit Result

DU GHA or D Unit Result By SMS

Dhaka University gives an option to get D and GHA unit results by SMS beside online. So easily you can check your Gha result by SMS to 16321 number. To get DU D unit result 2019, Send an SMS format like “DU GHA roll number”.

Remember: You will get result after the result will publish.

DU D / GHA unit height score & 1st merit position.

DU D or GHA Unit Subject Wise Result Requirement

Candidates will be in merit list if they passed every part with scored 48 number in the exam. But they can get admit to many subjects if they fulfill subject wise result requirement. Otherwise higher ranker in the merit list candidates wouldn’t choice many subjects in form fill up. So the requirement list is given below.



DU-D-Unit-Info-3 D or GHA unit Result

The results of DU admission D or GHA publishes So all result finding candidates have to visit this webpage to get D unit result and all information about admission. However, you can get all information about GHA unit admission result by this option.


Did you got your necessary information about Dhaka University DU D or GHA unit result? We hope we described all important information. In addition to this information you can ask if you want to know more information. We are here to assist you about DU D unit result. In one word, Dhaka University D unit result and admission test related all topic has discussed here.

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