DDR4 ram price in Bangladesh

ddr4 ram price

DDR4 computer ram is on the rise, and for good reason. DDR4 offers many benefits over DDR3, such as higher bandwidth and greater capacity. DDR4 also has a longer lifespan than DDR3 RAM, so you can expect it to be in use for years to come. RAM is the most powerful and mandatory parts of desktop and laptop. In this post, we’re going to publish ddr4 ram price in Bangladesh.

DDR4 computer ram is the next generation of computer memory. DDR4 can provide up to 2,400 megabytes per second of data transfer rate, which is double the speed of DDR3. The benefits of using DDR4 computer ram are that it is faster and more reliable than DDR3.

Why RAM is the most essential parts of Computer

Computer RAM (Random Access Memory) is essential for modern computers because it allows programs to run quickly. RAM helps the computer “remember” what you were doing when you last closed the program or turned off the computer. Without RAM, your computer would be like a person trying to remember a shopping list while they’re in a store – they can’t do it and eventually they’ll leave without buying anything.

RAM also helps your computer keep track of open files and other important information. If you close one program but want to continue using another, your computer needs to reload the data from the disk drive into RAM so that the other program can work.

In addition, modern operating systems (OSes) require more memory than ever before in order to run smoothly. Windows 10 demands 8GB of RAM, for example, whereas Windows 8 only required 4GB of memory.

Benefits of using DDR4 ram in computer

RAM (random access memory) is a type of computer storage that stores data temporarily while the computer is working. In addition to being used for data storage, RAM can also be used for temporary processing needs. Most modern computers use DDR4 RAM, which has improved performance over older types of RAM.

The benefits of DDR4 computer ram are vast. It is more durable than DDR3, runs faster and cooler, and is cheaper in the long run. Additionally, compatibility with newer motherboards and processors is ensured due to its widespread use.

  • DDR4 is the latest memory technology and offers many benefits over traditional RAM.
  • DDR4 memory is faster and more energy efficient than traditional RAM, which can result in longer computer life spans.
  • DDR4 also supports newer gaming platforms and software, making it a better choice for high-performance computers.
  • Additionally, DDR4 can be used in laptops and other portable devices, providing increased performance and battery life.
  • Finally, because DDR4 is compatible with most existing hardware, upgrading to this new memory technology is relatively easy.

DDR4 ram price in Bangladesh – Today July 5, 2022

DDR4 ram prices continue to fall as the technology becomes more prevalent. Corsair, G.Skill, and other top brands are now selling DDR4 memory in kits of 16GB for under $100. This is significantly cheaper than DDR3 memory, which was typically around $200 per 16GB kit.

Model Price
Silicon Power 4GB DDR4 2400 Bus RAM 2,200৳
Patriot 4GB DDR3 1600 Bus Desktop Ram 1,600৳
Adata 4 GB DDR4 2666 BUS Desktop Ram 1,850৳

Computer DDR4 ram price continues to drop, with prices expected to reach $20 per gigabyte in 2020. This is good news for computer users who are looking to upgrade their RAM and improve system performance. Currently, the cheapest DDR4 ram available on the market is priced at $16 per gigabyte.

Computer DDR4 ram price is on the rise. Higher demand for this type of memory from users and system builders are behind the increase. The most popular RAM chip used in DDR4 systems is Samsung’s 8 Gb Ddr4 SDRAM. Prices for this chip have increased by as much as 50% since January 2017, according to PCWorld. PCWorld also cites research firm IHS Markit that indicates global memory demand will grow 16% annually through 2021, with DDR4 accounting for more than half of that growth.

However, prices are expected to drop even further in 2020 as more manufacturers adopt the new memory technology.

বাংলাদেশে DDR4 র‍্যামের দাম – Today July 5, 2022

প্রযুক্তিটি আরও প্রচলিত হওয়ার সাথে সাথে DDR4 র্যামের দাম ক্রমাগত হ্রাস পাচ্ছে। Corsair, G.Skill এবং অন্যান্য শীর্ষ ব্র্যান্ডগুলি এখন $100-এর কম দামে 16GB-এর কিটগুলিতে DDR4 মেমরি বিক্রি করছে৷ এটি DDR3 মেমরির তুলনায় উল্লেখযোগ্যভাবে সস্তা, যা সাধারণত প্রায় $200 প্রতি 16GB কিট ছিল।

কম্পিউটার DDR4 র‍্যামের দাম ক্রমাগত হ্রাস পাচ্ছে, 2020 সালে দাম প্রতি গিগাবাইটে 20 ডলারে পৌঁছবে বলে আশা করা হচ্ছে৷ এটি সেই কম্পিউটার ব্যবহারকারীদের জন্য ভাল খবর যারা তাদের RAM আপগ্রেড করতে এবং সিস্টেমের কর্মক্ষমতা উন্নত করতে চাইছেন৷ বর্তমানে, বাজারে পাওয়া সবচেয়ে সস্তা DDR4 র‍্যামের দাম প্রতি গিগাবাইটে $16।

যাইহোক, আরও বেশি নির্মাতারা নতুন মেমরি প্রযুক্তি গ্রহণ করার কারণে 2020 সালে দাম আরও কমবে বলে আশা করা হচ্ছে।