Dayun Plight 110 Price In Bangladesh & Specification

Dayun Plight 110 is a standard category and a product of Dayun. The bike and product are assembled in China powered by a 108.68 cc engine. It can generate a maximum power of 4.9 kW. Today we are talking about one of their best standard category products called Dayun Plight 110 which has been published recently. It has come to compete with the rest of the bikes in the same segment but in particular it will be competing with Runner, Lifan and Johnson. However, considering the price, the bike may not be able to compete with the Indian brand but it will be a strong competitor to the rest of the Chinese bikes. Today we will know the details about the Bangladeshi price and specification of Dayun Plight 110.

Dayun Plight 110 Key Specification

Engine single cylinder, 4 stroke
Maximum speed 60+ km per hour
All power 4.9PS @ 7500rpm
Weight 106 kg
Mileage 60+ KM per liter of fuel
Cooling cold air

Dayun Plight 110 Specification

With this in mind, nowadays many people in Bangladesh are interested in buying local brand bikes on a low budget. To satisfy customers, these local brands are ready to give a great look with powerful engines. The top speed of this bike is also good but only some shortcomings can be noticed where the low resale value of the product and servicing is not good. However, to solve this problem, Dione has brought some new models of bikes in Bangladesh where Dione Plight 1100 is one of the best. Many of us want to know the specifications of this bike. And we also think that it is very important to know our specifications before buying any scooter or bike. So friends, let’s examine the data of Dione Plight 110 below and don’t know about the complete specification.

Dayun Plight 110 Price In Bangladesh & Specification   Dayun Plight 110 Price In Bangladesh & Specification Dayun Plight 110 Price In Bangladesh & Specification

Dayun Plight 110 Design and Looks

The Daewoo Ply 110 has a decent look that is completely standard looking. It has a stylish but soft fuel tank that is well shaped. However, the seating position is simple and comfortable. The silencer pipe is silver and the rear wheel suspension is red. It has a well-placed handlebar and black alloy wheels.

Dayun Plight engine performance

The Daewoo Plate is powered by a 108.68 cc engine and this standard bike can generate a maximum power of 4.9 kW @ 7500 rpm. Bike Plight’s reported high speed of 80 km per hour. Basically, it should have a high speed but it is an ideal bike and so, the company favors mileage first. The engine of the Plight 110 has a cylinder, four-stroke and air-cooled and four-speed gearbox.

Dimensions and seating position of Dayun Plight

The Daewoo 110 bike is not that long in size but its length is a bit short which is 1970 mm. Width 740 mm and height 1235 mm. The weight is exactly 102 kg. The capacity of Dayun Plight’s fuel tank is 10 liters. Due to the long, comfortable and plain seating position, three people can ride Daun’s bike.

Plight 110 suspension and brakes

The bike has comfortable suspension where the front suspension is telescopic and the rear suspension is twin spring-loaded. The suspension will give Pelion and riders better comfort. However, the braking system of Dayun’s bike is not impressive. It has drum brakes on both wheels. However, they should have a disc brake on the front wheel and so, it would be great to control. But, now, riders should be more careful during the ride.

Mileage and instrument panel

According to some user reviews, Dayun’s products will provide an average mileage of about 60 kilometers. Mileage average which is the combination of highway and city road. However, if you go on the city road, it will be a little less. The instrument console of Dayon Plight 110 has speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge. The battery of the bike is updated and strong. Also the headlamps are good.

Dayun Plight 110 Price In Bangladesh

Many people in Bangladesh want to know the price of Dione Flight 110 bike. We will publish the current price of Dione Plight 110 here. You may know that there are two versions available for buying bikes in Bangladesh. Dione Plight 110 is available in different colors in Bangladesh. And the price of this bike is much lower. Red and black are the two colors of this bike and Dione Ply 110 is priced at Rs 83,900.

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