Dayun Defender Price In Bangladesh & Specification

Dayun Defender is a 150 cc standard bike and manufacturer company Dayun which is of Chinese origin. Assembling Chinese, Daewoo Defender is a four stroke bike with a maximum power of 8.5. More than 110 km per hour top speed, the mileage of the bike is more than 40 km.

Currently, two-wheeler products are very popular vehicles in Bangladesh and different brands of bikes are available in Bangladesh. Some brands from India, some from Japan, Korea. At present, cheap two-wheelers are imported from China. Chinese motorcycles are so cheap in the country due to Chinese manufacture and assembly and therefore their users are increasing day by day. Business is very good and so many Chinese brands used to import their products to Bangladesh through their own distributors. They used to supply the latest model products at reasonable prices which are poorer than Indian and Japanese brand motorcycles. Today we will discuss in detail about the Bangladeshi price and specification of Dayun Defender.

Dayun Defender Key Specification

Engine single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Maximum speed 110+ km per hour
All power 8.5 @ 7500rpm
Weight 143 kg
Mileage 40+ KM per liter of fuel
Cooling cold air

Dayun Defender Specification

Different classes of bikes are available from Daun where 150 cc maximum. According to the government of Bangladesh, bikes over 155 cc are not allowed and so, Dayun has brought 150 cc bikes in the country which is Dayun Defender. The Daewoo Defender is an ideal bike assembled in China. It came on the market a few months ago. Most of the people in the country do not have enough knowledge about this machine and some of them are not aware of it. So, today we will talk about the details of Dion Defender which will help to get the basic idea of ​​the bike. Many of us want to know the specifications of this bike. And we also think that it is very important to know our specifications before buying any scooter or bike. So let’s review the full specification of Dion Defender Premier below. Let’s take a look at the details of the Dayon Defender bike below.

Dayun Defender Price In Bangladesh & Specification   Dayun Defender Price In Bangladesh & Specification Dayun Defender Price In Bangladesh & Specification


Dayun Defender Design and Looks

Daewoo Defender is a good looking standard bike that has some sporty taste. The most stylish of the fuel tank and seat bikes where an extended kit has been added to the tank. The seat is split in two and the pelion seat is quite high. Stylish and split pelion grabriel added. The wheels are alloyed with a newly designed mud guard included. The headlamp is also beautiful to look at. However, it is a bike that is compatible with any type and any adult rider.

Engine performance Of Dayun Defender

Dayon Defender is a 150 cc bike but the actual displacement is 148. It has a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with a maximum power of 8.5 @ 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 11.5 @ 6000 rpm. The estimated maximum speed of Defender 150 is 110 km per hour. The compression ratio is good with a wet-type clutch plate. The engine oil capacity is higher than most bikes which can have 1.2 liters.

Dimension and seating position of Dayun Defender

The dimensions of the Dayon Defender bike are (2070mm * 810mm * 1185mm). Length, width and height are good which has a 1330 mm wheelbase. Fuel tank capacity is 13 liters. However, the weight of the bike is quite heavy with 143 kg and it can carry a maximum load of 150 kg. Due to a good and comfortable long seating position, up to three people can climb on it.

Dayon Defender suspension and brakes

The suspension of the bike has been slightly changed and updated where the front suspension is the same as the rest of the standard bikes which are telescopic. But the rear suspension is mechanical spring. Defender’s braking combination is also good with front disc and rear drum brakes. However, the tires are wider than most standard bikes in the same segment where the front tires are 100/80 – 17 and the rear tires are 130/70 – 17.

Mileage and instrument panel

According to some websites, the average mileage of a bike is about 50 km but the actual mileage will be a little less than that. Mileage is reported to be more than 40 kilometers. Dayun Defender’s instrument panel is heavily interesting and updated. It has an analog RPM meter but the rest of the features are digital. Speedometers, trip meters, odometers, fuel gauges, clocks are all digital and interesting. Also, the handlebars have several switches with some features.

Dayun Defender Price In Bangladesh

Many people in Bangladesh want to know the price of Dayon Defender bike. We will publish the current value of Dayon Defender here. You may know that there are two versions available for buying bikes in Bangladesh. Dayun Defender is available in different colors in Bangladesh. And the price of this bike is much lower. Dione Defender’s black, red and yellow colors are available in the market of Bangladesh. Defender costs Rs 1,27,000. In this budget, 150 cc bike is almost impossible in Bangladesh but Dayun has done it.

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