SSC Dakhil Result 2022 For Madrasah Education Board

BMEB SSC Dakhil Result

Dakhil Result 2022 is available here. Bangladesh Madrasah Board takes Dakhil exam. The Dakhil is the equivalent of SSC exam. Therefore, Dakhil exam result 2022 publishes along with SSC result 2022 and Vocational Result 2022. However, are you looking for Dakhil Result 2022 with Mark Sheet, Dakhil Subject details grade marks, Dakhil Subject wise numbers? Then here you can get your Dakhil Result 2022. “” is a reliable source to get Dakhil Result. So, to get Dakhil result 2022 and learn more about it by reading this post fully.


Dakhil Exam

Bangladeshi Madrasah students sit for the Dakhil test. Our country (BD) is an Islamic country. So, everyone has the pull of religion. That is why families in a large part of the country send their children to madrassas. There are various subjects related to Qur’an and Hadith in addition to general subjects like SSC in the entrance examination in Madrasa. After passing the JDC examination, classes 9 and 10 reading in the Madrasha is Dakhil study. Every year a large number of students participate in Dakhil Exam. In the Dakhil exam, there are Bangla, English and Arabic/Urdu in the exam.

Many ordinary students in our country neglect “Dakhil” studies. But in fact, the students of the madrasa deserve a lot of respect for being a Quran Hafez and being knowledgeable about the religion. Many call the Dakhil/Madrasah students as Hujur. On various occasions, they are invited as guests with honor.

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Dakhil Exam Result 2022

Dakhil Result 2022

This year 2022, a total of 281,254 candidates have participated in the Dakhil exam. The “Dakhil Result” is the last step in improving the quality of education of all these candidates and verifying their merits. Moreover, every time the Madrasa Board aims to increase the rate of education in the country. Because the results need to be good for the bright future of the students. After passing the Dakhil exam, everyone will be admitted for higher secondary education or Alim in different institutions. These results play a big role in getting them admitted. By the way, it is time to get the Dakhil result 2022. So let’s see how to see the Dakhil exam result.

How to Check Dakhil Exam Result 2022?

There are some methods to get Dakhil Exam Result via online and offline. In online anyone can get Madrasah education board Dakhil result from official website. Even they can check full institutes result sheet. But in case of offline, there is only one way to get Dakhil result by SMS. However, we include here all of these ways to get Dakhil Result 2022.

Methods to check Dakhil Result:

  1. From Official Websites
  2. By Mobile SMS
  3. With EIIN Number
  4. Institute Wise Result

So let’s know how to get Dakhil results by all of these ways.

Dakhil Result With Marksheet From Official Website

Madrasah Education Board controls Dakhil exam and results. The official website of Madrasah Board is But the Education Board Bangladesh releases all results simultaneously. So here you can get Dakhil exam results by the EducationBoardResults website.

How to check Dakhil Result from online?

In order to get Dakhil Result 2022, firstly visit- these two websites are the official for Dakhil result.


Then, select all fields as per your Dakhil exam information. like- Examination as “Dakhil”, Year as “2022”, Board as “Madrasah”.

After that, select Result type as “Individual Result” if you want to search only your single result.

Then, Roll number and Registration number fields will come up. So type your Dakhil exam roll and reg no.

Next, solve the security key the same as the security image.

Finally click on Get Result after filling all correct information about your Dakhil exam.

If all the information provided is correct, you will see the results of your Dakhil exam on your screen.

Dakhil Result Website

Dakhil Result By SMS

Madrasah board has arranged an SMS option to get Dakhil result through Education Board BD. It is very good news that By a mobile message / SMS anyone can get their Dakhil exam result 2022. So, if you want to get your Dakhil result for Madrasah board, then you have to do an SMS by following some format. Remember, an SMS sending cost is required which is 2.56 Taka.So let’s know the SMS format of Dakhil Result 2022.

The Dakhil Result SMS Format:

SSC [space] Madrasah board 1st 3 letters [space] your dakhil roll number [space] passing year.

SMS Sending Number:

16222 is the sending number to get Dakhil result.

The Original SMS format for Dakhil is SSC MAD 567805 2022.

As a Dakhil candidate, you must know that Dakhil is an exam of Madrasah Education Board. So in the SMS format you have to use Madrasah board’s short code like “MAD”. Because SMS system is an auto process to get result. In this case the board 1st three letter’s place use MAD.

Dakhil Result By EIIN Number

EIIN number is a unique id for an institute. So by using UIIN number everyone cand get whole institutes result. In this case of Dakhil result, Students can check their Madrasah’s full result sheet. So this is for only Schools, Madrasahs or Institutes.

How to check Dakhil Result By Using EIIN Number?

Institute Wise Result Website Link:

Visit the link and select Madrasah from the board option.

Then, type your Madrasahs EIIN number.

After that, select the Type of result as “SSC or equivalent”.

If the result is really available, then you can get your full Institutes Dakhil result 2022.


It is very essential to learn about Dakhil Result 2022. Because as a Madrasah board student, it is a must have knowledge about your Board, Institute, and Dakhil Exam Result. So we are very happy to discuss all this information with you. We still believe that you can successfully get your Dakhil Result 2022 by reading our article. If you have still any confusion or problem, comment us or join our Facebook group.

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