Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020

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Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020 is available here. Chittagong Education Board has already declared HSC Result 2020 on In addition, Chittagong Board HSC Result with Marksheet is also Found in NewResultBD.Com. However, are you a candidate of Chittagong Board? and also finding Chittagong Board HSC subject wise Result 2020? If yes, then we describe here all methods to get Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020. In this article we discuss all about HSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board. In addition, Chittagong Board HSC Result Subject Wise Marksheet, Chittagong Board HSC Result By SMS, Chittagong Board HSC Result By EIIN Number, Chittagong Board Challenge Process, etc.

About Chittagong Education Board

Chittagong Education Board consists of secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions in the greater Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts region of the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. The Chittagong board started its journey in 1995. Currently, it oversees secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Khagrachhari and Bandarban districts. The board will conduct the curriculum activities. That is, to monitor, inspect and take necessary measures for quality education in the educational institutions under it. In this case syllabus, examination, results, admission etc. are done by Chittagong Board.

Chittagong Board HSC Exam 2020

According to HSC exam 2020 for Chittagong board, the exam should have finished April to May. But due to Covid-19, this year Chittagong Education Board has cancelled HSC exam 2020 agreed with all other boards.

Chittagong Education Board

HSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

Candidates of Chittagong Board may face problems while getting HSC result 2020. Because this board publish their results differently. Chittagong Board HSC results 2020 will be available in regular manner but subject based numbers will not be displayed. Therefore, obtaining subject based marks and numbers is most important for Chittagong Board HSC candidates. In this case, we are describing all the procedures to get HSC Results 2020 of Chittagong Board. So that you can easily get HSC result 2020 of Chittagong board with detailed number.

The results of Chittagong Board can be found in the same way as other boards. These are – Online Result Search, By SMS, Organization Based Results and Special way to see the detailed mark. We are discussing all of them one by one.

Get Chittagong Board HSC Result Online

There are several websites to view HSC results of Chittagong Board online. Even the results can be seen in different formats on each website. The most notable of these websites is eBoardResult. But if you want to see HSC subject wise mark, you have to look at the result differently. Although subject wise marks are available for a short time.

How to get Chittagong Board HSC Result?

To get Chittagong Board HSC Result, visit to

Select Result from top menu of Ctg board’s website. Then search your result providing your HSC exam information.

Visit the Web Based Result Publication System Page- Here you can get Chittagong board’s HSC exam result.

After that, select HSC exam, Year 2020, Chittagong Board, Individual Result Type.

Some another fields will open up after selecting Individual tab.

Then, type your roll number, Registration number, and the 4 digits visible on the image as security key.

Finally click on Get Result button to get your Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020.

Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020 By SMS

It is a shortcut technique to get Chittagong board HSC result by sending an SMS. You need to keep 2.50 Taka in your sim to send an SMS to 16222 number. However, you should follow an SMS format with your HSC 2020 exam information. In this case, you have to sen an SMS. Then, in a return SMS you will get your result. So let’s know the SMS format.

SMS format of Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020

HSC <space> CHI <space> Roll <space> Year

Example: HSC CHI 348692 2020

This trick will work for some days after result publish. By using this method you will not get details subject wise marks.

Chittagong’s Institute Wise HSC Result 2020 By EIIN

All institution authorities will get college based HSC results of Chittagong Board. In this case, the Board of Education has operated a web mail results system for all institutions. Here everyone can download their college result sheet. So, you need to know the EIIN number of your college. You can get HSC results of Chittagong Board of each college by using EIIN number system.

How to get College wise HSC Result?

In order to get Chittagong Board HSC Result by EIIN number, visit

Select Chittagong board.

Type your college’s EIIN number. (If you do not know your college EIIN number, then see your admit card or search on google)

HSC or Equivalent will automated select.

Click on Get Institution Result.

Then you will get full college’s HSC result of CTG board.

Chittagong Board HSC Result By EIIN

Chittagong Board HSC Marksheet & Subject Wise Marks

In the case of marksheet, Chittagong board provides HSC subject wise result with different way. CTG board shows HSC result details number on their own server. In this case you should follow Chittagong board’s specific result search page that you will get before result publish date.

In this case you can also get Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020 subject wise marks from

after visiting this page, type your roll number and registration number and hit enter. You will get your Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020 if the results published.

Remember: the page will update when HSC result will publish otherwise you will get SSC result search option.

Chittagong Board HSC Subject Wise Marks

Chittagong Board Result Website

The websites where the Dhaka Board’s HSC exam result is available are list below.


Chittagong Board Result Challenge Application

To checking exam paper or creating result, If Chittagong board has mistake, and if you think it, then you have a chance to challenge against Chittagong board. So, the re scrutiny process can increase your HSC result. For this, you need to application within time. After result published, Chittagong board will publish a notice about board challenge process. By using the process you have to apply. So, follow Chittagong board official website’s notice board for Chittagong board HSC result 2020 re-scrutiny process.


Hey Chittagong Board HSC candidates! what’s up? are you get your HSC result? I think yes! Because I have describe all details about Chittagong Board HSC Result 2020. So that you may not be any problem. However if you have any question about Chittagong board of HSC exam result 2020, then comment below.

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