Baby Safety Month – September 2023 | History, Observations, Ideas, Activities

Baby Safety Month (BSM) is an annual event founded by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983. Taking place every September, it provides an excellent opportunity for parents and retailers to refresh their knowledge on baby-proof safety standards and tips. JPMA offers toolkits to manufacturers, retailers, doctors, and parents to assist in educating them about childhood safety. This month serves as a reminder that everyone, not just babies, can benefit from brushing up on safety skills to prevent accidents.

History & Importance Of Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month was first introduced by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983. It started as “Expectant Mother’s Day” and aimed to raise awareness about baby safety. However, in 1986, due to its growing popularity, the event expanded to a week-long celebration. Actress Jayne Kennedy became the official spokeswoman for the week in 1988, bringing more attention to the importance of baby safety.

In 1991, Baby Safety Month officially became a month-long event. During the early 90s, JPMA began involving more retailers in the celebration and encouraged them to promote their safest products during this time. To recognize retailers who marketed safe products, JPMA started awarding a chosen retailer each year. In 1998, at the 15-year anniversary, the focus was on safe sleeping practices, and Babies R Us in Oxnard, CA was the deserving winner.

With the advent of the internet in 2005, baby safety information became more accessible than ever before. Recognizing this, JPMA made their materials downloadable on their website for retailers to access easily. The year 2009 marked the involvement of state governments in Baby Safety Month. The Nevada governor provided a certificate of recognition for JPMA’s Certification week, and the California governor issued a resolution to observe Baby Safety Month.

In 2010, safe sleeping practices once again took the spotlight during Baby Safety Month. JPMA took the initiative to educate retailers and parents about safe sleeping practices from naptime to nighttime through a 5-city education and sleep product tour.

As the years progressed into the 2010s, JPMA continued to offer baby safety information, toolkits, and certifications to retailers and parents. Their campaign’s focus changes yearly, and they have increasingly embraced a social media presence. JPMA’s dedication to public engagement has earned them awards for their efforts in promoting baby safety.

Baby Safety Month Observations, Ideas, and Activities

– Baby Safety Month is a dedicated time to focus on keeping babies safe and secure.
– Spreading awareness about baby safety on social media can be an effective way to reach out to other parents and professionals.
– Educating oneself about baby safety is crucial in order to create a safe environment for the child.
– Investing in safe baby products ensures peace of mind for parents.

Ideas and Activities:
– Use social media platforms to raise awareness about Baby Safety Month. By using the hashtag #BabySafetyMonth, parents and professionals can come together to share tips, advice, and resources to keep babies safe. Sharing a photo of your baby with the hashtag can help spread the message further.
– Take advantage of the toolkits provided by JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) to educate yourself about baby safety. These toolkits cover a wide range of topics, from basic safety measures to assessing product safety and proper car seat usage. Implement a daily check to ensure your environment and baby products are safe to use.
– Conduct research on baby products to identify any potential hazards. While most manufacturers prioritize safety, it is important to be aware of any items in your home that could pose a threat to your baby. Keep such items out of reach or securely locked away. Additionally, explore new and safe baby products that meet all required safety standards.

Cute Tips For The Safest Baby Ever:
– Opt for soft snacks that are easy to chew and swallow, as harder foods can be a choking hazard for babies.
– Avoid teaching children that medicine is candy to prevent them from mistakenly consuming medication when unsupervised.
– Refrain from shaking or tossing a baby, as it can lead to serious injuries such as blindness or brain damage.
– Regularly inspect your child’s toys for any signs of damage. Even baby-safe toys can pose a hazard if broken. Ensure that all toy pieces are larger than your child’s mouth to prevent choking.
– Install baby gates throughout your home to keep your baby away from potential hazards such as sharp objects, open electrical sockets, and pools.

Importance of Baby Safety Month:
– The cuteness of babies makes it all the more important to prioritize their safety. Babies symbolize innocence, love, and new beginnings, and dedicating extra time and attention to their safety is a natural instinct for parents.
– Even the most instinctive and well-intentioned parents may benefit from additional knowledge and awareness. Baby Safety Month provides an opportunity to educate oneself about the potential risks in the home and take necessary precautions for a safer and healthier life for the child.
– Baby Safety Month offers a great excuse for parents to invest in quality baby equipment. Upgrading old or unsafe items on the equipment wish list ensures that every item is as safe as possible. Safety should not compromise style, so investing in aesthetically pleasing and safe baby equipment is a win-win situation.

Baby Safety Month Quotes

1. “Protecting our little ones is not just a duty, it’s a privilege. Celebrate Baby Safety Month by ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for every baby.”

2. “In the journey of parenthood, safety is the ultimate destination. Let’s make every month Baby Safety Month and prioritize the well-being of our precious little ones.”

3. “A safe baby is a happy baby. Embrace Baby Safety Month as a time to educate, safeguard, and empower parents to create a secure haven for their little miracles.”

4. “Our babies are the future, and their safety should be our priority. Let’s unite during Baby Safety Month to raise awareness, share knowledge, and foster a culture of protection.”

5. “Guarding our babies is a responsibility that knows no bounds. Baby Safety Month serves as a reminder to be vigilant, informed, and proactive in ensuring the well-being of our little treasures.”

6. “Safety is the best gift we can give our babies. Let’s celebrate Baby Safety Month by implementing safety measures, spreading awareness, and embracing a culture of child protection.”

7. “Every baby deserves a safe start in life. Join us in observing Baby Safety Month and pledge to provide a secure environment where our little ones can thrive and explore fearlessly.”

8. “Protecting our babies is a shared responsibility. This Baby Safety Month, let’s come together as a community, support each other, and create a world where every baby is safe, loved, and cherished.”

9. “A moment of care can save a lifetime of regret. During Baby Safety Month, let’s prioritize education, prevention, and action to ensure the safety and well-being of our precious babies.”

10. “Baby Safety Month reminds us that safety is not an option but a necessity. Let’s make safety a lifestyle and protect the little wonders who bring so much joy to our lives.”

Baby Safety Month Caption & Status

1. “September is Baby Safety Month, a time to ensure our little ones are protected from any potential accidents. Let’s brush up on safety standards and tips to create a secure environment for our babies!”

2. “As parents, it’s our responsibility to prioritize the safety of our precious bundles of joy. Join me in celebrating Baby Safety Month and let’s learn together how to keep our babies safe and sound.”

3. “Did you know that Baby Safety Month was introduced in 1983 to raise awareness about the importance of baby-proofing? Let’s take this opportunity to educate ourselves on the latest safety practices and create a secure haven for our little ones.”

4. “Every year, Baby Safety Month reminds us to be proactive when it comes to protecting our babies. Let’s ensure their well-being by staying informed about the latest safety guidelines and implementing them in our homes.”

5. “During Baby Safety Month, let’s make safety a top priority for our little explorers. From securing furniture to childproofing cabinets, let’s take the necessary steps to create a safe environment where our babies can thrive.”


Q: When was Baby Safety Month introduced?
A: Baby Safety Month was introduced by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983.

Q: How did Baby Safety Month evolve over the years?
A: In 1986, the day was increased to a week of celebration, and in 1991, it officially became a month-long celebration. Throughout the years, JPMA started engaging more retailers in Baby Safety Month and urged them to market their safest products during this time.

Q: What was the focus of Baby Safety Month in 1998?
A: The focus of Baby Safety Month in 1998 was safe sleeping practices, and the winner of JPMA’s award was Babies R Us in Oxnard, CA.

Q: How did the internet impact Baby Safety Month in 2005?
A: In 2005, the advent of the internet made baby safety information more accessible. JPMA made their materials for retailers downloadable on their website.

Q: Which state governments became involved in Baby Safety Month in 2009?
A: In 2009, the state governments of California and Nevada became involved in Baby Safety Month. The Nevada governor provided a certificate of recognition, and the California governor issued a resolution to observe Baby Safety Month.

Q: What was the focus of Baby Safety Month in 2010?
A: Safe sleeping practices again became the focus of Baby Safety Month in 2010. JPMA helped educate retailers and parents on safe sleeping practices from naptime to nighttime with a 5-city education and sleep product tour.

Q: How can I observe Baby Safety Month?
A: You can observe Baby Safety Month by spreading awareness on social media, educating yourself on baby safety, and investing in safe baby products.

Q: Why is Baby Safety Month important?
A: Baby Safety Month is important because it allows parents to dedicate extra time and love to their babies, helps parents educate themselves on the products they purchase, and gives them an excuse to invest in quality baby equipment that meets safety standards.

Information Source: Nationaltoday .com