Apple iPhone 14 Specification and Price In Bangladesh

Apple iPhone 14 Price In Bangladesh & Specifications (আইফোন ১৪ দাম)

Every year Apple launch their new model of iPhone. And in this year The Apple iPhone 14 is coming almost clearly in September, and it’ll arrive as a follow as much as the astonishing iPhone thirteen range. and whilst it’s a way off yet, leakers have already begun revealing feasible specifications, and there are even unofficial renders of the phone online.

The iPhone 14 pro fashions may want to see the most radical improvements, as they’re tipped to characteristic below-display face identity and to ditch the notch for a punch hollow front camera. they could additionally get USB-c connectivity. but the regular iPhone 14 lineup should get a massive shakeup, too, because the mini is predicted to be killed in prefer of a new 6.7-inch iPhone 14.

But the rumors to this point are promising, pointing to a totally new design for the iPhone 14 seasoned and iPhone 14 pro max, a totally new model dubbed the iPhone 14 max, and some significant camera enhancements.
In other phrases, it’s smooth to peer why the iPhone 14 is considered one of our maximum predicted phones of 2022. So, today we discuss what we’ve heard thus far about the iPhone 14, why it figures to be one of the largest apple products of 2022, what we’d want to see from the new flagships, and the price of iPhone 14.


The iPhone 14 will appear to be an iPhone 12 crossed with an iPhone 4, in that it’ll stick with flat edges. however, the edges of the one may want to consist of a mute button and a set of rounded buttons for the extent crucial, harking back to the iPhone four. Supposedly, the sides of the iPhone 14 could be comprised of titanium, which could make it harder and more potent than the preceding iPhone, whereas the returned could keep the glass end but reputedly with a satin-like finish.

iPhone 14 rumored release date, specs and Price In Bangladesh

Any other design exchange doubtlessly within the playing cards for the iPhone 14 is the trio of rear cameras will no longer protrude from the phone’s rear but take a seat flush with the again. Given advancements in digicam sensor generation and lens production, this could be a possibility. Other leaks have claimed the subsequent apple smartphone can have “a complete redecorate” putting it as an alternative a long way apart from the iPhone thirteen. and the maximum Brilliant iPhone 14 design alternate is set to be ditching the modern-day show notch in want of a “hollow-punch-sized notch.”

We’ve also heard comparable approximately the layout from every other supply. They have been talking approximately there being beneath-show face id within the iPhone 14 seasoned range when you consider that June 2021 but doesn’t seem as positive it’s going to show up as Prosser, adding in September 2021 that under-show face id is still being labored on and isn’t very last yet. Even though pronouncing that it’s seemingly easier to Obtain than an in-display digital camera.


We hear that there will be two 6.1-inch iPhone 14 models (a standard one and a Pro). We’ve also heard more detailed screen specs that the iPhone 14 will have a 6.06-inch 1170 x 2532 OLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and 460 pixels per inch. And there’s also a patent for a technology that could make the iPhone screen stronger than another previous model, without making it any thicker. That would be a nice addition and An always-on display would also seem logical for the iPhone 14 given.

One of the most significant changes for the iPhone 14 over its predecessors is tipped to be the return of Touch ID. Only rather than get integrated into a power button, it will supposedly be embedded under the iPhone 14’s display, much like a lot of fingerprint sensors on the best Android phones. Many Leakers say that iPhone 14 Touch ID is still being tested and it’s “unclear” if we will end up seeing it. They say that iPhone 14 actually won’t have an in-display Touch ID, so the jury is out on how likely the under-display Touch ID on the iPhone 14 will be.


We’re starting to hear some more about the iPhone 14 cameras, and the rumors are getting pretty interesting. The iPhone 14 have a 48MP main sensor, which would be a big jump from the 12MP camera on the iPhone 13. 

This rumor was given a little more credence by another leak that has iPhone 14 are tipped to come with a 48MP main camera to go alongside a telephoto lens and ultra-wide angle snapper.  While a bigger main sensor will be welcome, we’re particularly interested in an improved telephoto lens, as the iPhone lags behind the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S21. In fact, it would be rather neat if Apple drew inspiration from the Galaxy S21 Ultra and opted for a secondary telephoto camera with just like a 10x optical zoom. One Apple patent points to Apple working on a periscope-style zoom camera, which could make its way to the iPhone 14.

On the camera front, the unofficial renders above show the iPhone 14 pro max with a triple-lens camera, and indeed another source also points to that phone having a triple-lens camera. The iPhone 14 meanwhile will apparently stick with two lenses. So that doesn’t sound like much change from the previous iPhone 13 range, though the specifications of the lenses and sensors may well differ.


One thing we’re almost certain of is that the iPhone 14 range will have a new chipset which is latest version, probably called the A16 or the A16 Bionic. This would be built in a 4nm process, which suggests it could be a reasonable boost on the 5nm A15 Bionic in the iPhone 13 range. In fact, the process could even be moved down to 3nm. We’ve more recently heard that a 5nm process could be used once again, as TSMC (the company that’s producing the chipset) is apparently struggling to switch to a 3nm (or 4nm) process. The iPhone 14 will feature 8GB of RAM. 6GB of RAM is the most we’ve seen on an iPhone, so far.

Beyond that, we could see under-display Touch ID on the iPhone 14, and other things that while Apple apparently tested this, the company is now all-in on Face ID, so it sounds like this probably won’t happen and if it does, it’s likely to one of the best Face ID rather than instead. It would arguably make sense for Apple to increase the storage of its Pro phones.

In terms of the battery, it sounds like there could be improvements there, with one source saying it will be larger from previous models, and the phones will be thicker which could leave room for a larger one. When it comes time to charge, you might be making use of a MagSafe charger rather than the Lightning port-based. We’d be surprised if Apple did ditch the Lightning port on the iPhone 14.

APPLE iPhone 14 Software

The iPhone 14 will launch with a new version of Apple’s iOS software when it arrives in the fall. Since we’re currently on iOS 15, the next version is all but certain to be iOS 16. We haven’t heard anything about Apple’s planned software updates for iOS 16, and that’s why we’re unlikely to until the company’s annual developer conference, which is normally held in June. With iOS 15.2 bringing a few changes to the iPhone in December, and you know Apple’s already pretty busy on the software front.

Apple iPhone 14 Price In India & Bangladesh

Apple iPhone 14 is rumored to be launched in the country on October 2022 (Expected). The smartphone is likely to come in 2 different storage and RAM variants. Apple-iPhone-14-128GB-4GB-RAM and the other one Apple-iPhone-14-256GB-4GB-RAM. As for the color options, the Apple iPhone 14 smartphone may come in 6 different colors and that’s will Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Gold. The price of Apple iPhone 14 smartphone in Bangladesh is likely to be Rs 1,79,900. The official price is not announced yet.