Motion to strike? NYT Crossword Clue

“Motion to strike?” is a hint for finding clue for New York Times (NYT) Crossword 14 September 2023. We know NY Times Crossword is a daily puzzle game. Almost every country’s people follow NYT Crossword along with the US.

Like “Motion to strike?”, New York Times uses many times the same hint in their Crossword puzzle. So, there is a chance to have more answers or clues for “Motion to strike?”. In this case, “Motion to strike?” is a hint of 14 September 2023 NYT Crossword and you can get today’s answer or clue that you want.

“Motion to strike?” Crossword Answer

Motion to strike? NYT Crossword Clue

The answer of “Motion to strike?” NYT Crossword is STAB.

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As we eagerly await the next puzzle and try to help with all the daily NYT crossword clues and solutions.

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